10 Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship with Your Partner

A toxic man is a person who brings you nothing good in your daily life. It can negatively influence your friendships, your family, your professional life and even your physical and mental health.

Is it dangerous ? Yes and no, because it is different from one relationship to another. There are different types of profiles that you must learn to recognize in order to avoid living in a toxic relationship . Living daily with a toxic man is very harmful, a bit like a meal at Mc Donald’s that you eat every day and after a while you feel negative effects on your health.

That is to say, after some time to “consume” the negative energy of a toxic man, you will feel psychological or physical detrimental effects depending on your relationship. This type of toxic personality can also be very violent physically while others are violent psychologically. What is more dangerous with  psychological violence are invisible injuries since it is more difficult for the people around you to recognize.

The 10 signs that indicate that he is a toxic man to flee absolutely:

  1. You’re tired… of him!  This fatigue is the efforts you put in every day to save your relationship, but nothing improves, there is nothing more to do… Run away, it will not change and it will only worsen your energy . If your energy has been so low in the relationship with this man for a long time, then it is quite obvious that he is toxic and that you deserve better.
  2. You are not free to choose. You always have to ask her permission to do something. You should know that a manipulator uses this technique to keep the victim under his control. So, if you constantly have to ask your lover for permission to act, that you feel like you’re not free, that’s a sign that he’s toxic or even abusing you.
  3. He wants you to change. He can’t stand certain aspects of your personality. That is to say, he does not love you entirely as you are. If you find yourself in this situation, this man simply does not deserve you. If you change for this man, believe me you will never be happy with him!
  4. You argue regularly. An argument from time to time is normal, but every day? No, that’s not normal! If the communication is never in joy and good humor with this man and you never manage to agree on anything, then he is not the man of your life.
  5. It negatively influences your professional life. For example, in the morning you have an argument and he comes back several times during the day on this event. If your day starts out this way, you’re not going to have a great day at work and it’s going to negatively affect your productivity. If this kind of event comes up very frequently, ask yourself some serious questions about your relationship.
  6. You are afraid of doing wrong. You live this situation again and again… It creates anxiety and it can weaken you and tire you little by little. There is a big problem if you ask yourself this every day; “Am I doing well in my relationship? “.
  7. You don’t feel safe with him.  Don’t even question it, absolutely run away and don’t stay longer when you feel uncomfortable or in danger with him.
  8. When you are alone, you feel a sense of relief.  It is true that it feels good to spend a few moments alone or with other people. However, there is a problem when you always prefer to be alone rather than see your partner.
  9. He threatens to leave you. A man who often threatens you in this way is manipulating you into acting differently. Never give up!
  10. Your entourage sends you warning signals. Whether it’s your family, your friends or your co-workers, these people want you to be well and to be happy. If you are starting to get more and more questioning warnings about your relationship, especially from many different people, then you need to do something about it. Make a choice that suits you best and remember that it is not those around you who should decide for you.