12 subtle signs he’s a jerk (and you need to get away from him)

In love, there are all kinds of toxic and malevolent forms of man such as the narcissistic pervert, the manipulator, the violent man or the asshole. However, what you must know and absolutely remember is that you have to differentiate the manipulator / narcissistic pervert from an asshole in love.

Obviously, the asshole has certain points in common, especially with a manipulator, but he does not necessarily have the same interests, the will to be cruel and to hurt the other. It’s true that the asshole can be mean to you, but he’s not going to destroy you inside and hold you in his grip like a narcissistic pervert would with you. So how do you recognize an asshole? How to avoid a man who takes advantage of women?

To know if you’re with a jerk, you have to learn to recognize the signs that this guy is acting like a jerk around you. Afterwards, you will be able to have enough knowledge to run away and avoid assholes more easily.

Here are the 12 signs to spot that indicate that he is a real asshole in love:

  1. This man boasts that he is very handsome.
  2. The first few days, he gives absolutely everything for you, but far too much to make you fall in love.
  3. He doesn’t respect you.
  4. He tells you that he has never met a person like you in his life.
  5. This man does not listen to you. He doesn’t really pay attention to what you say to him.
  6. Your friends told you he was an asshole. As he confessed to your face, you believed him that he was going to change for you.
  7. He calls you “honey” from day one as if you were his back-up plan.
  8. He confessed to you that you are the woman of his life and that he is ready to marry you when you barely know him.
  9. You make a lot more effort than him in the beginning of the relationship.
  10. Suddenly after a while, he no longer makes you his priority in his life.
  11. He waits longer and longer before responding to your messages.
  12. This man tends to lie to you regularly.

The two most obvious and easy to recognize signs are a man who is lying and disrespecting you. An asshole is really good at lying, much like a manipulator. He is not consistent between what he is going to say and what he is going to do in the end.

He disrespects you because he tends to talk a lot, but he doesn’t act and will not show you that he really cares. He manipulates you, but on a very low level compared to a manipulator. So how do you avoid falling into the trap?

Even if we don’t notice it on a conscious level, we have a kind of internal lie detector .

As long as you fall in love, avoid men who do not act in their direction…

Fall in love with someone who wants to know your favorite color and how you like your coffee. Fall in love with someone who adores your laugh and will do anything to hear it again. Fall in love with someone who lays their head against your chest just to hear your heartbeat. Fall in love with someone who kisses you in public and proudly introduces you to their acquaintances. Fall in love with someone who will make you wonder why you were so afraid to fall in love again. Fall in love with someone who would never, ever hurt you. Fall in love with someone who is in love with your flaws and finds you perfect just the way you are. Fall in love with that person who would do anything to wake up by your side every day.

If there’s one thing to learn from an asshole, it’s inconsistency. So, if you ever meet an inconsistent man, walk away immediately and don’t waste your precious time with him. You deserve to have a man who knows what he wants and who would do anything to build a healthy and lasting relationship. You deserve much better than this in love.