15 things to NEVER make with a narcissistic pervert!

In a toxic relationship with a narcissistic pervert, there are several mistakes that should never be made with an PMN man or woman. Unfortunately, you should know that just one of his mistakes could negatively impact your life and affect your happiness.

After having experienced this type of relationship with a narcissistic perverse manipulator, many women and even men find it difficult to trust their next partner again and this reaction is normal. Why ? In fact, it’s human nature to protect yourself after going through something difficult and you don’t want it to happen a second time at all, do you?

Here are the 15 mistakes to absolutely avoid with a narcissistic pervert:

  1. Don’t make the mistake of changing for him. It’s probably one of the worst decisions you could make in your relationship. Just because you’re going to change doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to change too. It doesn’t work that way and it’s false hope that you impose on yourself.
  2. You should never trust him. Anything you say to him, he will one day use against you to better manipulate you and have better control over you.
  3. Never accept the violence of the narcissistic pervert.  Domestic violence should never be something to put up with. Whether it’s psychological or physical abuse, there’s no reason to tolerate that in your life, no matter what your situation.
  4. You should never run after a narcissistic pervert. If you are breaking up with him or on a break, if he decides to go into radio silence, then you should not run after him. On the contrary, if you are lucky enough to have time without him, take advantage of it to rebuild yourself and why not prepare to restart your life? Yes, you deserve happiness!
  5. Don’t try to manipulate it. Why ? The reason for this is that you will slowly start to become like him and manipulation is never a good thing to do, especially with a narcissistic pervert. It’s not in your nature, so stay the way you are.
  6. Don’t think that filing a complaint is wrong. There’s no bad reason to press charges against him.
  7. Never forget what he did to you. You must forgive him, but never forget what he did to you with all the pain you endured on a daily basis. This will allow you to avoid falling into the trap. Why forgive him? You should know that forgiving does not mean forgetting. On the contrary, I believe that we must remember in order to forgive. Forgiveness frees us from a past that just cannot pass. Forgive! You will feel so good and free… Take the example of Nelson Mandela !
  8. Never look at words, but at actions! If the narcissist tells you they love you, but then hits you, insults you, threatens you, or others, then they don’t love you and don’t want you to be happy. She just says that to manipulate you and hurt you even more.
  9. Don’t be dependent on the narcissistic pervert. Always keep your independence, it is very important and do not leave your family, your friends, your job, your home for him. If you do this, you will have regrets and it will be more difficult to find help.
  10. It’s not worth trying to make him understand your point of view. The PMN doesn’t give a damn about your point of view. In fact, his only goal is to control and manipulate you to keep you in his grip.
  11. Don’t think he’s telling the truth. The narcissistic pervert is constantly lying and his view of reality just doesn’t make sense! In any case, he never tells the truth.
  12. Don’t think it’s impossible to get out of this toxic relationship. In life, when you really want it, you always have a choice. Of course, it won’t be easy, but nothing is easy in life, but it’s still a matter of choice. Your worst enemy is you, not him, because very often we put ourselves barriers in front of us and in an unconscious way that prevents us from moving forward.
  13. Don’t try to wonder why he acts like that.  Indeed, many people in a relationship with a narcissistic pervert try to find excuses for him. Do not do that ! He is not sick or in a difficult phase of his life. He is as he is, he never tries to improve himself and seek treatment.
  14. Don’t rely on the past. You must rely only on the present, therefore on the person she has become today. The real face on narcissistic pervert is that of today, not that of the past. That is to say, you should never again rely on the magnificent relationship of the beginning.
  15. Never feel like you have to sleep with him. Having s*x with a man or a woman is your choice. Whether he’s a narcissistic pervert or not, you should never feel obligated. In any case, if this person forces you, it is rape and you can file a complaint.