20 things a true gentleman does differently

The idea of ​​the Gentleman arose from the traditions of chivalry in a very dangerous period of history. Even though the concepts of chivalry and honor were not popular for a long time, some of the behaviors of that time still have meaning and purpose. The basic concepts of the knight and the gentleman are similar: Protecting the weak and helpless, showing compassion and mercy, speaking the truth, and being courteous to others, especially women. So what are the real behaviors of a true modern gentleman?

Here are 20 behaviors of a true gentleman:

Open the doors

A man holds the door so that the others can enter. He certainly opens the doors for women, and lets them go first.

On time

A man shows up when he says he’s going to show up and doesn’t keep others waiting. It is rude to arrive late and waste other people’s time. Not only is being on time courteous, it shows that you value their company.

Walk closest to the sidewalk

Walking by the sidewalk, changing places with a woman, and keeping her out of any potential danger are some of the characteristics of a gentleman.

Offer his jacket

If a woman is cold and she doesn’t have a jacket, and you have one, then you have to sacrifice your personal comfort to make that lady more comfortable.

Help a woman to sit up

A man pulls a woman’s seat, and helps her bring the seat closer to the table.

He is courteous

It doesn’t seem like much, but saying “please” and “thank you” to people shows courtesy and respect to others. It’s a minor thing that costs you absolutely nothing, but can earn you some valuable points with people.

Offer his seat

If you’re on a bus / metro / or sitting on a park bench and a woman doesn’t have a seat, then offer her your seat. A gentleman even sacrifices the little things like short-term personal comfort.

Offers his arm

When you are on a date, and you are walking next to your guest, offer your arm. It’s elegant, and women like to walk on the arm of a gentleman.

Has good manners at the table

Good table manners speak volumes and show that you are not a crass barbarian. If you are at a barbecue then feel free to use your fingers and get dirty. But, if you are eating in a restaurant, please use your cutlery; this knife and fork are there for a reason. Also, put your towel on your lap. It shows refinement and class.

Is not rude to other people

Even if the mood isn’t great, take the appropriate action and be polite. It doesn’t cost anything, and it shows that you can control your emotions, show empathy, and show respect to others.

Knows how to put his hand in his pocket

A gentleman pays the bill, and should insist on paying in most cases. On the rare occasion when a gentleman does not pay the bill, he does everything in his power to pay the bill and makes a symbolic gesture before conceding. When he pays the bill, whether on a date or an outing with friends, he never expects anything in return.

Is attentive

When someone is speaking, you should be listening and listening carefully. No need to fiddle with your phone or watch TV in the background. Look at this person and listen to what they have to say to you. A gentleman is attentive to the way others dress and behave. Give a woman a sincere compliment. “You look lovely” is a fitting compliment and will always put a smile on your face.

Keep their word

If a man says he’s going to go somewhere or do something, he does it. It’s as simple as that. Do what you said you were going to do.

Knows how to keep a secret

If you say something to a gentleman with confidence, then the information will be kept in a safe deposit box. Gentlemen are not scales.

Don’t flaunt his privacy

No one needs to know what your partner looks like in privacy, if he / she is performing under the sheets or all the weird things that turn them on. Keep this to yourself.

Don’t hit the women

A man’s role is to protect women, even at the cost of his own life. A gentleman never harms a woman. The only exception to this rule is when a woman tries to kill an innocent person. Outside of extreme circumstances, a man should never raise a hand on a woman while expressing his anger.

Wait for the others to have their meal before starting to eat

At the restaurant, a gentleman waits for everyone to be served before starting to eat. He shows patience and courtesy.

Is honest

A gentleman tells the truth even if it hurts. Honorable people always tell the truth. A gentleman is trustworthy.

Make things happen

A gentleman makes sure to get things right. A gentleman knows how to fix a car, fix a broken object, change an infant’s diaper, or cook dinner. Gentlemen know how to go about it and get results. They know how to touch everything, like a Renaissance man, or the most interesting man in the world.

Protects the most fragile

A gentleman, deep down, is a warrior and stands ready to help the weakest among us. Bravery, courage and fearlessness are the characteristics of the gentleman. He lends a hand to the oppressed, protects women and children, and risks his life to save the lives of others.