22 tips to Win a Girl’s Heart

Dating a woman can be very interesting and exciting. Let’s say you’ve been dating a woman for a while and you really like her and have a good time with her. You are very proud of your conquest because she is beautiful, intelligent and interesting, but you feel that you must do something to strengthen your relationship. All you have to do is win her heart.

You will see that after winning her heart, this beautiful lady will only be for you and you won’t be worried about getting dumped. But winning her heart is not an easy thing; it takes time, patience and also a bit of luck.

You do not know how? Here are some helpful tips that show you how to behave to get her heart.

  1. The first and most important thing is to prove to her that you really love her; that doesn’t mean you have to kiss her all the time. It is very important to talk with her, to ask her questions about herself, to show her that you care about her.
  2. Give her the attention she deserves, always be nice to her, and pay attention to her as much as she needs to;
  3. Be natural and sincere; arrange to be alone with her and tell her how you feel. Make time for it.
  4. Romantic dinners are always appreciated, but be creative and take her somewhere she’s never been before, somewhere special, never to be forgotten.
  5. Make her feel special and compliment her.
  6. Make her laugh a lot so she has a good time with you, women don’t like guys who bother them.
  7. Surprise her by cooking for her; you’ve never done it before? No problem, she will be delighted to see that you are making this effort for her;
  8. Be interesting and choose unusual things to do together, fun is always welcome. Everyone likes to have a good time.
  9. Let her know you want her in the way you look and touch her
  10. Don’t push, if she says no, accept that, be patient.
  11. Be a gentleman and respect her, show her she’s special and unique
  1. Be a good listener; when she’s upset about something, ask her what’s wrong, help her get over what’s upsetting her, and encourage her.
  2. If she asks for advice, always be there for her and help her if you can by giving her what she wants and trying to be as helpful as possible.
  3. Women are often romantic off the key to romance is spontaneity; be spontaneous as often as possible.
  4. You have to be inventive so that she doesn’t always know what you’re planning because if she can always predict your next move, your gestures will lose all effect and your relationship may get boring over time.
  5. Be sincere and natural with her family and friends, especially her mother because she can have a big influence on her daughter’s choices.
  6. Don’t cheat on her because you will lose her; if you want to win her heart you have to show her that she is the only one.
  7. Try not to use foul language around a woman and always apologize if you just said something stupid.
  8. Be a caring, understanding, clean and well-dressed boy.
  9. Pay attention to her, even in front of your friends, if she calls you when you are with your friends, show the same interest in her, don’t be rude.
  10. Be grateful for the little things she does for you, men don’t often do that, but it means a lot to her.
  11. Give him some space; let her spend time with her family and friends as much as she needs, so that she doesn’t feel trapped in this relationship

There are plenty of other things you can do to win her over and keep your relationship alive. Be creative and you will find many other ways to conquer it and especially to keep it.

Many relationships fail because after a while it gets boring. Women these days love and need men just as much as before, but they are looking for a relationship in which their emotional needs will be met. If you manage to win her heart and make your relationship always interesting and fun, you will see that it will last a long time.

Source :  http://www.coachingprosperite.com