3 habits to adopt to regain the energy to leave a narcissistic perverse manipulator

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How to find this energy that we had at the very beginning of the relationship with the manipulative narcissistic pervert and which gradually left us?

How do you overcome this impasse by telling yourself that you don’t have the energy to get out of this situation?

How can we no longer tell ourselves that in the end we will never get there? How to defuse this confinement that we feel?

Because at the start everything was rosy and everything was wonderful.

He was a man who with these words charmed and overwhelmed you. So you became attached to him, you trusted him and you let him take up a lot of space in your life, in your heart and in your daily life.

However, these hot-colds and these mood swings gradually set in. These changes were violent for you: suddenly you were a princess and then the next day or in the hours that followed the last of the last, good for nothing, good to throw away. Besides, your perverse narcissistic manipulator may have wondered aloud in front of you how he was doing to support you.

Thus, with all these tensions and these hot-colds that are installed, your energy has disappeared, with your self-esteem as well.

And today I’m going to give you my secret, the one that seems to me the most fundamental to start getting out of it and start the energy boost you so badly need.

“Fate is often cruel, but hope is there, offered to all souls, raising lost energy and weakened courage! – Lyse


My advice may seem difficult to you at first, but in the end you will see how absolutely marvelous it is by the happiness and energy that you will finally regain.

My secret is to get up 1h see 1h30 before your usual schedule…

Because your narcissistic pervert a priori is not going to get up for an hour or more at the same time as you… Or he will quickly get bored.

What do you say to him if he asks you a question?

More work for example, go to your office earlier if you need to isolate yourself, stop in a coffee… What is certain is that you have work to do on yourself to prepare for this wonderful new life waiting for you!

Here are 3 new habits to adopt to regain the energy to leave a narcissistic perverse manipulator:

  1. Meditation. During this time that you are going to grant yourself there, the first most important element is that of meditation. You can contact me so that I can tell you which one seems the most suitable for you in terms of time: do you want music instead, do you want someone to accompany you? There are a lot of magnificent free guided meditations on the Internet that will allow you to focus your energy for the day: you will be able to find this inner peace that you lack at the moment and that you absolutely need to regain energy.
  2. To exercise.  The second step to put in place which is fundamental is physical exercise. Either you do it in the morning when you get up, you can also do yoga exercises or just walk more to get to work; or take advantage of your lunch break to take a short walk, either around where you work, in a park if you are lucky enough to be near a place that allows you to rejuvenate close to nature.
  3. Rearrange your goals. The third fundamental aspect is that of giving yourself a moment within this time to reorganize your objectives and plan what you want to do both personally and professionally  ; it’s also about planning the steps you need to take to achieve those goals.

These three means, within this new schedule that you are going to give yourself, are very powerful to help you regain control of your energy and your joy of living, the one that has seduced your manipulative narcissistic pervert and which gradually you totally pumped it to feed on it. He gradually brought you to this descent into hell that undermines you but that you now decide to stop and I am here to help you!