3 tips and 1 exercise to stop being jealous!

Jealousy when it is mastered can be seen as a proof of love and the fact that we care about our other half. In reality, it hides something deeper and it should not be taken lightly.

It can be synonymous with a real discomfort and an obvious lack of self-confidence but also by correlation of confidence in the other. Sometimes there is only a small step between being jealous and paranoia! In a healthy and balanced relationship, you don’t sue your other half, you don’t prevent her from seeing her friends, you don’t give her fits for her outfits or because she receives a text from an acquaintance.

How to stop being jealous?

  1. Get help from personalized coaching to stop feeling jealousy in love
  2. Fight bad memories from the past to maintain your current relationship
  3. Use self-confidence exercises to achieve reassurance

You too suffer from jealousy because every second away from your beautiful turns into a moment of doubt, fear and anxiety. So to stop living such painful moments, to no longer be jealous, and to find a fulfilling relationship as you have always dreamed of, I invite you to read carefully what will follow.

Why should you avoid being jealous?

It is true that jealousy can be seen by some people as being positive because it shows that we care about us. However, this does not mean that some negative sides do not exist, on the contrary! Indeed, in certain situations, this behavior and jealous feelings should not be exaggerated because these can be the cause of many problems and cause crises in the couple. We cannot rely solely on the latter to consider the good of his romantic relationship and / or the feelings of his partner. It wouldn’t make sense!

The first thing that should push you to better control your jealousy and not to make it disappear, because in small doses it is healthy, it is quite simply the fact that you will endanger the relationship by not letting your breath breathe. partner. He / she also needs distance despite the feelings, you can’t spend all your time together hoping that the relationship will progress in this way.

One of the main causes of breakup linked to jealousy is the fact of always being with each other and that we end up not being able to stand each other in the long run. Getting angry when you see your wife being flirted with in front of you is normal, wondering when a stranger likes one of your partner’s photos is understandable, but unwarranted jealousy is dangerous.

It is important to control your emotions when you are in a relationship so as not to create tension. Being jealous or jealous can be pleasing but can quickly become unbearable when we argue every night because nothing is working between us. Very often it is the only highlight that we experience when we are in a relationship in a story.

The only moments during which we do not stagnate is when there is precisely this famous crisis. However, you can’t just rely on that to have a solid story. It is important to live something else in order to feel good and have a healthy relationship.

We tend to be in demand too much when we are jealous and this is obviously a thing not to do. It’s not about hurting your partner but yourself. When we have a crisis we can confess our feelings, cry, tell him how much we care about him / her, so we put enormous pressure, we have trouble managing our feelings and necessarily the one who shares our life does not. at least not accept it in the long term.

Jealousy is negative for your other half as well as for you and it is one of the essential things to understand when you want to successfully fight it. You are not doing this just to please him but also to destroy yourself. Let’s get out of the life of a couple for a moment, we must avoid being jealous or jealous for ourselves because we forbid ourselves happiness by acting in this way.

Once again it is understandable to feel a small twinge in the heart, a small lump in the stomach when we see things that we don’t like, we are afraid for our relationship and this is normal. However, this should not take too large proportions and be the source of tension.

Fighting jealousy: how to succeed in this fight?

But yet nothing worked?

Don’t blame yourself for that. You are going to win this tough fight. On the other hand, do not try to bury it and forget it as we have taught you so far because it will come back even stronger.

So how do you fight jealousy? How do you defeat her forever and make sure she never comes back?

The first piece of advice that I am going to develop is both simple and decisive: you must create the life of your dreams and please yourself before you want to please others and especially your other half.

As I told you in another of my writings on the subject, fighting jealousy is set up through a positive state of mind and not by fixing this painful feeling and the problems it will generate. in your relationship.

This is the major difference to remember and that I developed in this other article that I wrote around the same theme, you must change your conception of things and consequently your way of living. The more importance you give to jealousy, the less likely you are to overcome it. In order to bring you concrete solutions, I suggest you carry out an exercise that will highlight your vision of the perfect life.

An exercise to stop being jealous!

Take a sheet immediately and write down the perfect moments that you would like to live with your other half but also that your partner would like to live with you. Take charge of your daily life and determine the days when you will set up these moments for two or alone to gain confidence and no longer fixate on your jealousy. You must act to understand that you have no reason to be possessive or possessive because you are the only person who makes your love dream and vice versa.

Now you will have to concentrate on making those moments that you wrote down in black and white become perfect. It is by showing your partner that you know how to take it upon yourself and that you are doing everything you can to satisfy him / her that you will be able to gain confidence.

Being happy in your life will be the best answer to fight against the love sickness!

Past and jealousy, untie the ties!

The past plays a major role in your present. So stop obsessing over negative events and focus on the future. I realize that it’s easier to remember unpleasant moments than happy moments in a relationship, but just because someone has betrayed you doesn’t mean everyone will act the same. .

To love is to learn to trust each other.

The observation is simple to make but painful to accept. Jealousy comes in the majority of cases from a fear that you have already encountered because you have suffered in the past or simply want to avoid suffering. This prevents you from moving forward in your life and making important decisions. Yet now is the time to fight it because very often it ruins your life and makes your  relationship unstable . However, you have everything to be happy.

To do this, you must first take the time to determine it properly. It is by understanding its origin that we can fight it effectively.

You have to know how to live in harmony with your past even though it has been painful. It has shaped you and allowed you to become the person you are and you know that you will never experience such a situation again, especially if you have ever experienced sorrows in love. Jealousy is easily fought if you decide to ACT ASAP and be accompanied by an expert in romantic relationships.

How to be helped to stop being jealous!

Asking for outside help and calling on a coach is not dishonorable, quite the contrary. It is sometimes necessary to have recourse to the analysis of a person who is confronted daily with this problem in order to determine the best actions to fight against this phenomenon.

Depending on your story, you will get specific advice that will help you move forward. In matters of amorous behavior, it is only by targeting exactly the problem and determining a relevant action plan that we can move forward properly. With my help, you will fight effectively against your “old demons”, mainly thanks to neuro linguistic programming tools. Work on yourself is essential beforehand because you must be aware of the fact that your partner is not your property!