3 tips to assert yourself as a couple

Rare are the people who wish to start a relationship with a partner who has no character and who can not express his opinion. Saying “amen to everything” is not the solution to maintaining a lasting and stable relationship. To those who could claim the opposite, I suggest that they consult the comments posted on the most consulted articles on my site and you will find that personality is essential to envision a fulfilling life as a couple.

If you think that you have not yet succeeded in establishing a balance in your life as a couple or quite simply that over time your partner has been able to impose himself and take the top, You must not be fatalistic and accept everything with spite. On the contrary, to assert yourself in the couple, it is possible to say stop to your other half without creating conflicts. I therefore suggest you discover the 3 reasons why it is essential to show your confidence and to know how to assert yourself in your relationship.


There are several essential factors when you decide to live together and the notion of balance in the couple is obviously part of it. Living in a stable and fulfilling relationship requires knowing how to respect the other and not wanting to systematically pull the cover on oneself.

Relationship problems very often arise when one partner has psychologically gained the upper hand over the other. No need to weigh 100 kilos to dominate the other because physical strength has nothing to do with it. What matters above all is self-confidence and how to control the other in their daily actions.

A couple that presents a significant imbalance, that is to say in which one decides and the other applies cannot hold out over time because a moment will come when either the first will get bored or the second will no longer support pass to assert it and will wish to leave.

The first thing to achieve to assert yourself in the couple is to tilt the balance on your side in order to obtain a rebalancing of forces. In short, this is equivalent to saying that your opinion matters just as much as that of your other half, that you too can decide what is good for your marriage or for your children if you have any.

From now on, you should no longer let your partner dictate your behavior, but you should not systematically impose your choices either. For the couple to function properly, it is sometimes necessary to know how to compromise and accept the other’s choices and to take important decisions by mutual agreement.


It is clear that to assert yourself in the couple is to know how to show character. Some people are naturally better equipped than others for this, but just because you lacked confidence when you were or were younger or because your ex dictated his law that nothing can change now and that everything will start again now. .

It is not by stroking your spouse or partner in the direction of the hair that you manage to avoid a conflict, especially if you are with a person who has a very strong character. If this is the case, your other half will claim your guarantor and if you cannot assert yourself, you risk very big.

Having character can help you avoid routine . It should not be said that a couple who quarrels will necessarily separate in the long run. On the contrary, arguments are part of human relations and the whole thing is not to exceed certain limits. The tensions are even necessary, it is a bad for a good in some way, provided that they are not too repetitive and that the motives are not too trivial.

If until now you have lacked character, you should not worry and above all, you should not change overnight otherwise your partner will not understand what is happening or he / she will not not take seriously. Asserting yourself in a relationship is not so easily achieved because it is a whole part of your personality that you will have to work on. It will take a while, but the evolution will be rapid if you are determined. To work on self-confidence, I offer specific coaching that allows you to gently assert yourself in the couple and to get out of emotional dependence .


Asserting oneself in the couple also allows to preserve oneself so as not to become the head of Turkish of the person whom one loves. This situation is more common than you might think and quite often the partner does not realize the hold he or she has over the other. Over time, the situation deteriorates and insidiously what didn’t initially seem normal becomes the norm in the relationship. The worst happens when family or loved ones act the same.

The person who undergoes such treatment can be very quickly destroyed psychologically and to avoid falling into this trap, it is essential to never let yourself be done or to let yourself be dictated by its behavior, even when you are in love or in love.

Affective dependence has necessarily a close link with the fact of not being able or not knowing how to assert oneself in the couple. It is therefore necessary to carry out important work to get out of this state which in reality is harmful both for you because you risk falling into unhealthy jealousy, but also for your other half who risks feeling “too loved”.

Alexandre CORMONT