36 thoughts to avoid conflicts and understand their destructive effects

How to avoid conflicts? What are the negative and destructive effects on our life? What causes confits?

Whether it’s arguing with your partner, family member, friend or co-worker can turn out to be feeling negative, destructive or hurtful emotions. The mere fact of being in conflict with a person is very heavy and above all mentally exhausting.

If you want to succeed in avoiding them for good, you should adopt certain behaviors in your daily life that will allow you to put an end to an argument. This way, you will not only be a happier person , but it will be much easier for you to prevent conflict.


Here are the 36 thoughts to avoid conflicts and understand their destructive effects:

What to do to avoid conflicts:

Speak clearly and factually, without exaggerating or accusing.

Don’t raise your voice. Rather improve your argument.

He who has great plans does not bother with details. And avoid unnecessary arguments.

Peace settles when, in your gaze, the other is regarded as an equal.

– Eustace

The most intense disputes are often about topics where there is no kind of evidence.

The human race must emerge from conflicts by rejecting revenge, aggression and the spirit of revenge. The way out is love.

– Martin Luther King

We would suffer much less if we realized that almost always the other does not act against us but for him.

Better than a thousand useless words, is a single beneficial word, which pacifies the one who hears it.

– Buddha

If you are really at peace with yourself, you will be much less in conflict with your fellow human beings.

The best way to resolve conflicts is to avoid them.

The most beautiful love is made up of innumerable and tiny conflicts always resolved.

– André Maurois

To get out of a conflict without being flayed forever, it is simply a question of never letting your words exceed your thoughts.

We will work together to support courage where there is fear, to encourage negotiation where there is conflict, and to bring hope where there is despair.

–Nelson Mandela

Think back to a recent argument and ask yourself what hurt you in that exchange? What can you do now to rebalance this relationship?

In the couple, when dissonances occur, do not reproach the Other. Just express your needs, he can’t guess them.

–Laurence Maron

During an argument, only shout if the house is on fire.

Consequences on conflicts and what provokes them:

Many avoidable conflicts only poison our lives for no good reason.

Lack of love is the cause of all conflict.

Any badly handled conflict leaves scars for many years.

–Simon de Bignicourt

Difficulties should spur action, not discourage. The spirit of man will be strengthened by conflict.

–William Ellery Channing

It is in the nature of men to quarrel over little things, though they are only concerned with the big things.

-William Shakespeare

A spark becomes a fire, a bad word becomes a quarrel.

– Henri-Frédéric Amiel

If we don’t build a world of wealth sharing, a world of multilateral conflict awaits us.

– Jose Bove

The weak have always borne the brunt of conflicts between the strong.

– Boleslaw Prus

A word spoken in a dispute sometimes costs a lifetime of repentance.

– Etienne Francois de Vernage

There comes a time when you need to ignore unnecessary conflicts. Surrounding yourself with people who love you brings joy and well-being . Focus only on those good people who make you forget about the bad. Life is really too short to waste a part of it.

Men most often quarrel over words. It is for words that they kill and are killed.

– Anatole France

Where there is division, there must be conflict.

–Jiddu Krishnamurti

Those who engage in endless quarrels and arguments over the smallest things cannot calculate the loss and damage that ensues: they lose their peace, their joy, their friends, their health.

– Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Conflicts in the world are a mirror of our unresolved inner conflicts.

–Eckart Tolle

Harsh words and poor reasoning never solve anything.

– Chinese proverb

The failure to perceive the deep humanity of others is one of the greatest causes of conflict in this world.

– Okakura Kakuzo

It is ignorance, not knowledge, that sets men against each other.

–Kofi Annan

Anger or hatred , in particular, are the causes of a great number of misfortunes in this world, from family quarrels to the greatest conflicts.

– Dalai Lama

Many do not realize that we must master ourselves here below. For those who realize this the quarrel will subside.

– Buddha

The attachment to the idea you have of yourself is what makes you suffer, not the conflict, the insult or the contempt.

– Anthony de Mello