4 scientifically proven signs you’re in love

Regardless of their age, falling in love again raises many questions. Because we don’t want to make mistakes prematurely, we often wonder if it’s a simple attraction, a feeling of attachment or a real feeling of love?

What is love?

Unlike desires or passions, which are short-lived emotions, love is a complex and lasting feeling. It affects emotions and behaviors in daily life, and it also changes the way we plan for the future. Love is to feel one’s love  both physically and psychologically: “butterflies in the stomach”; dream about each other; ideas at any time of the day; joint projects; positive outlook on life; better self-confidence.

Are there obvious signs to know if we are in love?

Every love is different, because every story is unique. However, there are common signs that do not mislead the feeling of love: being with others, thinking about him or talking about his fun; other people who see you happy have little desire to surprise or astonish him who attracts attention or surprise; Take care of your desires; interested in finding out what interests him; multiply by ten the energy by daily life; want to spend the rest of her life with him. To love is to accept the status quo of the other, not what we imagine or want. It is mainly to distinguish passion from true and true love.

If you’re one of those people who’s been in multiple relationships but still thinks you never fell in love, don’t worry. Love is subjective and everyone has their own experience. However, when someone’s heart beats faster, we all experience emotional changes. You should definitely consider that over time love will change and grow, and love at the beginning and love against years are two completely different ways of love. True love is felt from beginning to end, but a lot of people broke up before they broke up

1. Butterflies in the belly

When you fell in love, how many times did you hear the famous phrase “There are butterflies in your stomach”? In fact, when you feel like you love someone, that’s the knot formed in your stomach. At the beginning of the relationship, there are already butterflies in our abdomen. Once the desire is satisfied, the butterfly will eventually fly away. When you meet a special person, this feeling is caused by your nerves. The stomach is the second brain because it also has neurons. The two combine to react and produce that tingling sensation in the abdomen. The first date is very exciting and exciting, and it is perfectly normal to emphasize it.

Therefore, for the first few days or even weeks, you will feel tingling whenever you visit someone with a beating heart.

2. Your heart beats very fast 

If you’re familiar with the expression, having butterflies in your stomach , it perfectly describes one of the other physiological changes that occur when you fall in love with someone. Your heart beats and beats so fast that you think it’s not far from podium prison. This physical response is also due to a mixture of excitement and tension. If you receive WhatsApp, SMS, phone call or any notification from this person, you can be sure that your heart will change rhythm. The situation is the same when you see it arriving on the site.

Your heart rate may not increase quickly and it may take a while to knock you out of breath. When your heart rate increases, you take in more oxygen, so you find yourself breathing more during these times.

3. Your mood changes a lot

When you fall in love, your mood changes. At first, you will feel happy and happy. You are just an explosion of joy, nerves and joy. But the passage of time is a testimony to our emotional changes, it testifies to the balance of our emotions. Although you are always attracted to another person, seeing another person is not so nervous. First, it is normal to experience changes that affect your condition, for example loss of appetite is not uncommon. Over time, your emotions are balanced and even though you are full of love, your feelings will become less enthusiastic and calm.

4. You always want to spend more time with this person.

Usually over the first few days, weeks, or even a month, you want to spend more and more time with that person. In order to keep your relationship healthy and grow over time, you need to set aside time for yourself and your friends so that your relationship isn’t dependent on each other. When you are in love, you will want to spend every day and every hour with that person, but truly falling in love means sharing life with that person and thus continuing to live.

When you really fall in love with someone you don’t have to be addicted to that person or have them or else you want them to get on with their lives they have the freedom to share with you the time you are reserved.