4 Topics NOT to Talk about on the First Date

As important as knowing what to talk about on a first date is knowing what not to talk about. Because, when you are getting to know a person, there are subjects that should be avoided, in order to prevent possible embarrassment and even premature discussions.

At this long-awaited moment, the idea is to maintain a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. This does not mean that eventually some of these subjects will not come up, it just highlights the importance of knowing what to talk about on the first date so that, if you both want, there are others.

And, to help you make a good impression on your date with your crush, we’ve listed the issues that shouldn’t be addressed, under any circumstances, on your first date.

The themes you should never use

There are subjects that may seem kind of obvious, but believe me, at the time, if you don’t police yourself, they may end up not being — especially for those who have recently gone through some kind of heartbreak.

And, even if that’s not your case, it’s better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it? Perhaps through this article you will find out why you are still single. So keep reading to solve or prevent this kind of problem.

topics that should not be said on the first date

1. Ex-boyfriends

When you’re in a relationship, it’s natural to talk about past experiences, especially when there’s trauma involved that affects the relationship. However, when talking about past relationships, you come across as not getting over your ex.

And, between us, few things are worse than having the feeling that you are serving to plug holes, right? So, about that, the tips are as follows: don’t talk about it and, if you can’t help it, get over it before trying to move on to another one.

2. Loving declarations

It is true that there are no standards for love, however, even if there is a chance that this feeling will consolidate and that there will be a relationship later, this precipitation can destroy this possibility.

Moreover, it is much more romantic and intelligent to use this information in the near future, when a relationship already exists, to declare yourself by revealing the love that already existed prematurely.

3. Family and friends

It is natural that in a conversation key people are mentioned, but it is necessary to use common sense. It’s one thing to say that, for example, you look up to your mother because she’s a strong woman, it’s another to tell her whole life story. Do you understand the difference?

The same goes for other relatives and also for friends, since the objective of a first date is to get to know each other better and not third parties. Apart from that, in addition to everything, this type of subject is tedious, uninteresting and irrelevant at this first moment.

Therefore, if you intend to meet the person again, focus not only on relevant and interesting information about yourself, but also on conveying it in a simple and clear way, without beating around the bush.

4. Politics, religion and football

There are those who say that politics, religion and football are subjects that cannot be discussed and there are those who say that they should indeed be discussed.

Regardless of your opinion on this, with a few exceptions, these are not pleasant issues to bring up on a first date, especially in this day and age.

Football and religion, in particular, are lighter subjects when there is agreement or a common passion – which fits the aforementioned exception. Politics, on the other hand, even with respect or sharing of the same opinion, is always a dense subject.
So, if possible, run away from him.

topics for the first date

Is there a script to follow on the first date?

No way! Including, we believe that standards are there to be broken.

However, there are almost universal issues that are passed down from generation to generation based on real experiences to make our love life a little easier.

Not talking about these subjects doesn’t mean your date will be wonderful, but talking about them pretty much guarantees it will be the first and last. In other words, it is a risk not worth taking.