5 benchmarks to reach the flow of your life after the wounds of the soul

My soul searched, my soul jostled, my soul fell and it cried, cried of so many things, of so many pasts, of so many wounds of the soul and of all those decisions that did not come before. From imbalances to continual readjustments, I’ve exhausted myself and it’s time….to go to that unknown elsewhere which looks like me and which is me. So I’m going to get on my way, move on and reach the flow of my life.

When the soul speaks to you with a new word of love in full swing, in the heart. This love that moves you from bottom to top, from all sides. It upsets, it overwhelms, it suffocates, it cries, it finally frees itself to tell oneself that one is there and that there is always a moment in one’s life when one sometimes has to tell oneself, enough of the illusions, enough of believe in such and such a thing for the good of others and you then  ?

And me then where I am for all these years to live the current without being totally there, finally to have the impression of being there a little, a lot from time to time. To have the heart which undergoes, which takes in and then which survives by being in the appearances of life, in the semblances of love, in ephemeral relationships, in the grips and then in these couples placed on family bases.

In the appearances of a joy, of a freedom which seems, yes which could be this and yet. When you get caught in the head, in the heart, that it was just the beginning of the path and that you have to start from scratch.

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And if my freedom was at that moment on the way where I see you, you’re still far away but I know it’s you. Who are you after all? Me, a little, a lot because I don’t know you completely liberated yet and then there’s you, yes you, my love , my dream which has finally arrived. It is a whole. And it’s time to feel the flow of love once again.

This hand that I see and that calls my soul to love, to cry, to dance, to shout, to laugh in the rain, to stop being silent. To have the audacity to say goodbye to all those who want to make your life what they think is best.

And if me today I’m tired of having waited, hoped and that finally I love myself for real, that finally I realize that it’s so much better to be accompanied gently and not to pretend anymore to love like the others.

What if my love called his flow for real.

Yes there are times in life when it would be better not to hear anything from others and just leave your soul open. To feel this breach open to the wind of life which blows me that it’s there, you can go for it, you can finally offer your soul its existence.

There are no words to describe the viscerality of flow in her life.

It feels, it rests, it goes inside, it goes beyond the skin, it integrates into the soul, it speaks to all the elements of life, it recognizes itself in all the puddles of tears, in all the puddles of desire, in all the puddles of mud and that’s very good!

It is to live the experience of life that goes beyond the concrete, it is to sign the present in oneself and to integrate the marvelous initiation that our soul has been telling us for so long.

You wanted to speak to me my soul and I heard nothing, I understood messages, observed the signs, accepted to live these experiences, I also learned and then I welcomed your messengers that you gave me sent , I tried to like them.

But there I hear your last message of freedom, of liberation to my being. And I feel it’s time to make some decisions.

I feel that I can accomplish my truth. Everything is coming together now. There are still blockages, there are still obstacles to my detachments, but that’s it, I’ve taken the road to my flow. I made the decision that only I can understand, hear what is good for me.

Talking about the quest for happiness , yes I believe in it, I dream of it and I dare to tell myself that my soul did well to cry, that my soul did well to feel fragile, destabilized sometimes because in fact, I believe Whether I’ll have fallen again for real or for fake, I don’t know anymore, but I’ll have gotten up again, telling myself that it doesn’t matter, that life goes on.

But today, my life continues in my flow, in what I finally vibrate, in what is right for me.

A real opening, a great way of life where I swim, I fly, I run, I walk, I crawl, I go there and it’s very good even if I’m still afraid of falling next to the rails and I sometimes cry too.

It is my commitment and my personal accomplishment.

The flow is the spontaneous flow that we vibrate in ourselves.

We owe the concept of flow to the Hungarian psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. It appeared in positive psychology in the 1970s. First for athletes, then artists and now in the accompaniment of people who aspire to their quest for happiness.

How to achieve the flow of your life?

5 markers:

  1. Be in the present.
  2. Be focused and committed to your actions.
  3. Connect to your full consciousness (mind, body, soul) in liberation.
  4. Be motivated by what you achieve.
  5. Give meaning to what you do (why? towards whom, towards what?)

So it won’t always be easy to achieve this flow when you’re caught up in these various attachments , in each other’s fears. However at some point you will feel that it is time and then your whole life can be in the flow.

The flow of his life is achieved, and it is also maintained in all areas of his life.

Feel it in love, in family, in friendship, at work. It opens your heart and it becomes your truth at some point and it never leaves you.

On your life journey, several flows will come. The key is to know how to feel it in yourself, in the pit of your stomach, and then your life will no longer have anything to do with that of others.

You will become unique and that’s great!