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5 Tips to Find Out if You’re in a Platonic Love

If you’ve ever stopped to wonder what platonic love is or if you’re experiencing one, don’t be alarmed, you’re on the right track.

It’s important to know how to identify what kind of feeling you’re experiencing and whether it makes sense to continue or not.

At least once in a lifetime someone has felt or heard about it. But after all, what is this? What is the meaning of platonic love?

The first definition of the expression came from antiquity. According to Plato, Greek philosopher, love is essentially pure and is based on virtue, without interest.

It’s like it’s something beyond what we can see, it’s about wisdom, like something spiritual, far beyond the physical. For him, love is devoid of passions, as these are blind, material, ephemeral and false.

Currently, the variation of the expression has come to mean unrequited, impossible love made up of idealizations.

You know that person you never exchanged if you want a word and, in your mind, you live creating love stories and an incredible future? So that’s exactly it.

The importance of identifying if you are living a platonic love

say platonic love

Knowing how to differentiate reality from fantasy is extremely important to not just dream and forget to live in the real world.

A love of fantasies can often be cute in theory, but in practice it can trigger serious frustrations and even harm your health.

Check out some tips to

identify if you are living a platonic love:

1. The person is out of your league

Falling in love with someone who is out of your reach is normal, calm down. What girl in her teens wasn’t crazy in love and swore she was going to marry Justin Bieber or even one of the Jonas Brother’s?

This is the kind of love that is totally beyond your reach and only exists in a parallel reality that you have created yourself. After all, you’ve never had a date with Joe Jonas to know he’s the love of your life, correct?

When this is transferred to someone in

your daily life, it is a little more complicated. If the person you are

interested in is committed, is a known person, but who interacts

with you on social media or is a person you have only met once in your life, it could be your

platonic love.

Tip: Going out to meet new people and being open to new possibilities is extremely important to not live idealizing life with someone impossible. Meet and relate to real people who are on the same vibe as you.

2. Fear of taking the initiative

The fear of taking the initiative is directly linked with the fear of rejection. Talking about feelings has never been an easy task, especially when you need to tell your loved one everything that was kept in your heart for so long.

If we don’t take the initiative, how will the other person know about our feelings? This can mean that, in fact, this relationship never happens.

When we hide what we feel for the other, it can be extremely corrosive. If love is the purest feeling and worthy of recognition, why hide it?

When the other person’s feeling isn’t reciprocated, that’s okay, it happens. Talking is liberating. You need to be aware that the first step you took. Now it’s time to leave it to the other person and keep calm.

Tip : It’s better to suffer and have the answer now than to prolong the pain of “what if…?”. At the very least, if the other person’s response is no, you’ll be able to move on faster.

3. Fear of the end of a ‘perfect love’

When we idealize a perfect person or feeling in our mind, it is difficult to accept that, in reality, it is not and will never be quite like that.

Of course, it is very important to keep in mind everything that we would like our future partner to have, but it is also important to remember that nobody is perfect.

The fear of identifying that

feeling or person only exists in our head and, consequently, ending

the illusion, is painful. Exactly for this reason, many people prefer to avoid seeing

reality just to continue believing in utopia.

Tip: Always being aware and being critical of others is very important for us to understand real life.

It is important to put all the pros and cons of a person or relationship on a scale and know how to identify each one of them in order to live in the best possible way with real people.

4. Being afraid of suffering and disappointment

In life, everyone is susceptible to suffering for love at some point in life. Real relationships are difficult, they need time, love, complicity, loyalty, friendship, affection, respect and many other things.

But the fear of suffering and disappointment in a real relationship makes platonic love a way to escape these possible frustrations.

Tip : Everyone around you has suffered or will suffer for love at some stage in life. However, we cannot create walls and shield ourselves from experiencing real feelings for fear of pain. If you feel pain, it means you are alive and that is commendable.

What we must do, in these cases, is discard all the people who have already made us suffer and delete them from our lives.

We should only give chance to what is pure, true and sincere. This kind of love may take time, but you can be sure it will show up!

Calm down, a platonic love has a solution

solution to forget a platonic love

After all these tips, I hope

you have understood a little more about the subject and can identify if

this type of feeling happens to you and even people close to you and,

if necessary, even try to get someone out of this situation.

Did you like it? So how about getting out of

your comfort zone and meeting new people? Also, allow yourself to love without

fear and without barriers. If you play! Enjoy your life! Real loves are the most

amazing and have the best stories.