5 unforgivable mistakes when approaching a woman

You can’t approach a woman, or on the contrary, it’s okay to approach her, but when you approach and open your mouth, everything goes downhill. Find out what stalls your bid. Time to understand and thus eliminate mistakes when going to the cat.

First of all, let’s take two profiles as a starting point, the shy man and the self-assured man. Believe me, you are between these two poles and you can make some mistakes listed below, even if you don’t realize it:

Mistakes a Shy Man Makes When Approaching a Woman

Dealing with shyness is complicated. It is already difficult to reach a woman if this is her profile, and if she manages to overcome this obstacle, a new torture begins.

“What if she says no”?

“What if I stutter”?

“I won’t be able to keep the conversation going.”

Do you realize that for someone shy, everything starts from the most unpleasant possibilities possible? It complicates even more when they stop doing something because of fear. And there we have our first mistake.

1. Don’t approach the woman

If the girl doesn’t stop sending signals and even your friends say she’s being lazy and you still feel insecure and do nothing, believe me, you missed a great opportunity.

When she goes out of her way to show interest, it’s because she wants you to come along. Otherwise, it creates frustration, and another man with greater security will take what was probably reserved for you.

But insecurity still bothers you, so what do you do? Makes another one, and big mistake.

2. Ask someone else to approach the woman for you

There’s always a friend who’s tougher, right? The one who doesn’t mind talking to anyone, whoever. So why not take this chance and ask him to unroll it for you?

That’s where the error happens, my dear. Women like men with attitude, who are confident enough to do the bare minimum: approach and talk to her.

In addition to passing on the perception of cowardice, you run the risk of your tough-guy friend taking it easy if the girl wants to teach you a lesson. Believe me, it doesn’t happen once or twice.

All right, if you have to take action, so be it. But how are you going to approach it? As the purpose of this article is to tell you what not to do, let’s go. Start in a way contrary to the next topic.

3. Put yourself below it, make yourself inferior

Don’t play the victim, don’t belittle yourself, or put her on a pedestal. No coming up with exacerbated and even generic praise. Of course, you can compliment the girl, but you don’t have to put yourself below her feet to do so.

Also, let’s face it, it’s obvious that the approach can be either a yes or a no. And even if your biggest fear comes true, respect yourself and don’t insist when she denies your advances.

If she has lost interest or even changed her mind in the short time between getting your attention and your approach, respect her decision. Cherish yourself to step aside and seek new possibilities.

She’s not the only woman of the night, nor will she be the reason to break up your party. It was just a no like so many others, until she hears a yes, but from someone else. Insistence causes fatigue, and a kiss can happen, but only to get rid of you as soon as possible.

Mistakes a Confident Man Makes When Approaching a Woman

Ah, but your thing is not shyness, quite the contrary. If you’re up for it, it’s enough together, so there’s no mistake, right? Wrong. Confidence can help, but we can’t overdo it.

Use this advantage in your personality but correctly, without letting ego and self-love go to your head and spoil what could be an amazing moment.

4. Burn the start

Why waste time talking? If she wants me and I want her, let’s skip this phase and go straight to the slaughter. Calm down, champ. It’s not just because of a smile and a lock of hair tucked behind the ear that the game is won.

Seduction has its phases, so enjoy each one. You have to go through some hurdles before you get to the finals, and that can be exciting.

If you approach the woman with violence, full of touches, get too close and say some naughty things, which yes, are welcome but in the final stages of this game, it can scare the girl.

5. Ready phrases and romanticism

You are very funny, aren’t you? So much so that you think this is the right time to send that song you found on the internet and thought was great. Man, just like you, others think that using a script when approaching a woman is genius.

But let’s change our focus, think of the girl’s side. How many guys do you think walked up to her, even that night, with the same catchphrase you found on the same website he landed on?

That’s when you’re just another idiot or different guy than she’s used to finding around. Be original, creative, interesting.

However, do not use statements of affection. Come on, you’ve just met her, and even if you’re the most determined man in the world and who believes in love at first sight, the woman will think you’re needy and maybe desperate.

Okay, I know what not to do, but now what?

Neither one extreme nor the other. Work with balance. Not too shy to not take action, not too confident to be an asshole. Relax, enjoy the moment, don’t rush things and don’t take too long to act.

The time to approach a woman is where the game changes. This is where you can go wrong or win. So take a deep breath, go to her, and remember not to make the mistakes you just discovered here.