5 ways to create a real emotional connection with your partner

When your partner gets behind you, in that intimate skin-to-skin, there’s that inner emotional journey that you begin.

Your heart beats, your body feels, your soul shows.

The emotional connection is a love connection. In this mixture of physical and spiritual affinity, connecting with your partner offers you a multitude of exceptional feelings and feelings, so it is important to know how to create a real emotional connection with the one you love so that your relationship flourish over time.

This emotional connection is a relational entry that will make your couple live in all its nature.

There are 5 ways to create a real emotional connection with your partner:

1. Skin to skin

Touch is a living, skin-to-skin communication. It offers as much to the child as to the adults who live it a link with their body but also with the person who gives it.

Skin to skin is a shared pleasure, an intimate and delicate moment between the two partners, a sensual encounter that hides behind the transparency of love.

It is a precious bond for oneself and one’s other. It is a bodily communication channel between the two beings and it will awaken the natural sensuality of our body in a dialogue.

2. Kisses

The kiss in its secret vault has this something mystical when it is suspended in the firmament of foreplay. He timidly opens the doors of eroticism before the actual carnal encounter. The two lovers barely touch their lips, reciprocally breathe in their presence. The kiss is then a stripping of the bodies without movement. It offers lovers a velvety atmosphere where everyone lets themselves go into the unknown.

3. Magical moments

This moment that cannot be measured in time. It is the moment that gives the love connection a sense of time standing still where nothing exists but us.

It’s all those little quality moments that we adore and cherish, but in a long distance relationship or not, it’s important to have long quality moments that take us out of our daily lives. Like all couples, we have to deal with our schedules and availability to spend unique and magical moments together .

4. Connection in s*xuality

The touch of bodies, touch in its most intimate, most evanescent caress. This will nourish the bond between two people. The slowness of touch in all its delicacy. The slowness of life that lets the breath of every mouth be heard.

Everything is in the full awareness of a benevolent encounter where the bodies can unite in the temple of se*uality afterwards.

Touch is an essential emotional connection and it will lead to the act of love.

Conscious seksuality opens the doors of desire, of eroticism, of the link between the two partners. It then offers a unique, personal and essential link.

If the physical attraction, the spiritual connection are an alchemy allowing an emotional connection, one of the most important connections is that of the soul-to-soul connection.

5. Meeting of Souls

When two people meet, a connection is born. It can be immediate or take longer.

The emotion felt in the hearts is not going to play a role when both partners are engaged in this relationship. Quite the contrary, the connection will be formidable and the synchronicities , the obviousnesses, the telepathic bonds , the  telepsychiatry  will upset the interiority of the two people.

The dialogue will be fluid. The beings will talk to each other without any problem. Communication will be the privileged channel to maintain this link.

So without any filter each partner will dare to be himself. At the heart of this sincerity and this reciprocal exposure, souls will speak to each other. They cry they laugh together.

What a joy to share the laughs!

What a joy to be able to cry and let your tears flow without being judged!

The emotional connection is an ode to the senses. She is a door to push without hesitation in her love story. It is specific to each couple. The two partners committed and aware of this emotional bond will be able without speaking to each other, without seeing each other sometimes offering the essentials of love, namely reciprocal trust.

The emotional connection is linked to the complicity of the couple.

The more emotionally connected you are with your partner, the more your mutual trust will grow, the longer your relationship will last.

But what will make your union of love an irreplaceable, exceptional emotional connection is when you are the only ones to understand the meaning of such an event, such a situation, such a thing.

In one look, the loving connection is established between the two partners. They know together in the middle of the others without saying anything to each other.