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5 ways to rekindle a man’s romantic feelings

How to bring back the romantic feelings of a man? What are the methods to apply to save your marriage? How to rekindle the flame in love?

If you feel that there is more and more distance building up in your relationship, first it is important to be aware of this, and then to make improvements to attract this man back to him. you.

In this article, you will discover all the tips to improve your romantic relationship and acquire new knowledge to contribute to your romantic future.

Here are the 5 ways to rekindle a man’s romantic feelings:

  1. Understand why he no longer has feelings. To rekindle the flame in your couple quickly, it is necessary to understand what triggered the “separation” of your feelings in love. To find out, why not ask him the question directly? I invite you to take a moment with your partner to talk about it without offending him. Simply explain to him that you want things to go better between you and that for that, you must overcome the obstacle that blocks his feelings towards you and evolution positive about your relationship. There is always a reason and a solution to every problem.
  2. Do a different activity. Novelty is probably one of the things that can more easily rekindle a man’s feelings in love. You should know that a man loves a woman who allows him to live life experiences and memorable moments together. In the majority of cases, after some time the routine destroys the couple. What is the ideal kind of activity? I suggest you play a very special card game that allows you to experience an authentic and unique moment for two. The Totem “Couple Edition”   game is a unique game that stimulates deep and meaningful discussions. You can revisit the little moments in life to see your partner with the eyes of the heart. It’s very powerful!If you want to rekindle a man’s romantic feelings, you absolutely have to play this game! You won’t find any other activity easier than this to reconnect with each other and bring back that flame of love. 
  3. Living as if it were the beginning of a romantic relationship.You probably remember that the beginning of the relationship was probably the strongest and perfect moment. What happened to cause a man’s feelings to gradually drift away from you? Why has this man acted differently since then? This man misses the little things. As strange as it may seem, in our nature we often treat people we don’t know with more respect and above all more attention than those who share our daily lives. For example, we often pay more attention to our manners and our behavior with a new person who comes into our life. Of course, I don’t think it’s just because we feel comfortable with someone that we forget about everything else. I think we just have to pay more attention, compliment your partner, be more of a positive person, create moments of giggles, etc. In short, treat him in a way that makes him feel all the affection that you deeply feel for him. In this way, you will begin to see that the situation evolves in a more positive way. If you want more tips on whether he still has a love interest in you.
  4. Write a love letter. This love letter or email will have only one goal: to rekindle romantic feelings. It is an activity that can positively change the relationship if you are looking to rekindle the flame of the couple. Ideally, don’t do it by text, because texting is too direct at these times. Always express your feelings. Opportunities can be lost in the blink of an eye and regrets can last a lifetime.At the end of your letter, ask him to take a few minutes to write down or email his true feelings about your situation. Once that’s done, ask yourself the right questions… How do you live the situation with him? What could be improved in your relationship? Why do you want things to change with him? Anything that can be updated in your couple can contribute to rekindling feelings even if the fact that despite this bad patch, there will always be feelings very present. You just have to get to know your partner and their desires better, improve things in your relationship and move forward.
  5. Give more importance to projects and dreams. What revives the flame in a couple is the conviction that we share our life with someone exceptional and who has big dreams. If you share with your partner the things to achieve that are most important to you, you will bring back powerful feelings for this man. Men like challenges and challenges. If you have ambition and a burning desire to achieve great things with him, you will be totally successful in winning his heart. He will be overjoyed to work on his dreams and ambitious projects. Encourage him to think bigger and motivate him daily to this challenger.