5 words to Form a Strong Bond in Your Relationship

Strengthening your bond in love is a bit like keeping in touch no matter what.

That is to say, in a way, to maintain a connection so that it does not become impoverished OR die.

What should be done then in order not to break this invisible thread that connects the two people together?


Every man, every woman, every parent, every child makes efforts to take care of the other and better understand him from the moment there is attachment.

We would always like to be in this bond of love and never leave it when we love the person.

Yet we are sometimes forced to admit that we do not necessarily pay attention to the other. We neglect it, we put it aside, and the few regards become scarce over time.

However, we should always have within us this little nightlight of love which would light up as soon as we forget the essential, namely to maintain the bond of love with loved ones and do the best possible to strengthen it at every moment.

This is why the love bond should be part of learning at school.

Relationships are learned.


Learning to understand the other, to have a respectful behavior, to be in relation, this should be part of an initiation from a young age.

Love is not innate in everyone. And beyond passionate, physical, emotional love, it takes on a whole savoir-vivre that should be approached from an early age.

Because the love story is an initiatory journey and the sooner it begins, the more this love will go towards wisdom.

You have to learn to love.

Learning to love means considering the other, taking their needs into account, listening to them, understanding them, expressing their expectations and perhaps living together.

We very often think when we are an adult that his or her partner must understand and guess what is. But this is a conception that we have kept from our childhood.

Indeed, our parents responded to our desires, in a way anticipated our requests.

We keep this way of thinking and believing in love in our relationship.

But love is an apprenticeship in front of the other.

And the more we listen, the more we hope to make this bond of love grow.

But then what bond really exists in love? And how to maintain it in your relationship?


There are three types of love:

  • The first Eros represents the starting phase in the love story: it is passion! One installs the lack of the other. We are in the enjoyment of love.
  • The second Philia is the dialogue of love: the joy of loving and being loved. Time settles in the relationship. Love associates in a kind of friendship. The partner becomes the accomplice. We do everything to make it last. We create the link.
  • Finally the third type of love is Agape . We ring at the door of the love of the other, that is to say that we see our love for the other further. We want to love our fellow man, the human being as a whole.

These three types of love are passages in the relationship. Together they build the bond of love. Love relationships therefore oscillate between these three models. At the same time we take all the positive energy of these three loves but also the difficulties that they can cause.

Indeed many couples separate because they simply cannot pass from one love to another. The transition is not made aware and creates tensions. The bond stretches and breaks.

To maintain this link between these three models of love , it would be advisable to always have in mind and in one’s heart, the relationship of the bodies and the relationship of soul to soul.

But then how to maintain this link, strengthen it?

5 words around the world that will help you rethink your link.

5 words that can accompany you when you feel that the bond of love is fading.

These country-specific words used respect the value of bonding and take full advantage of that generous connection we should continually have with loved ones. The bond of love is a journey.


In Brazil, this word means: “Run your fingers adoringly through your lover’s hair.” »

How good it is to feel this intimate caress that connects two beings by the hair. A distant magic that shows how deep our affection for each other is in this gesture.


This Sanskrit word means in the literal sense: “affection and oil”. This illustrates love as a balm that one would pass during a massage.

To strengthen the link is to be in contact with the body. Live this skin to skin like a magic and a reunion with the other.


In Hawaii, practicing ho’oponopono means forgiving to strengthen the bond and rekindle relationships.

In love, you have to know how to welcome the weaknesses of each person’s journey, then continue to forgive if possible so as never to extinguish the relationship. Obviously everyone will adopt this word according to these possibilities of acceptance.


In Australia in the aboriginal culture, this word means the touch par excellence. It expresses love and affection through touch.

But it goes further than that because behind this word hides a deeper meaning that highlights a delicate dynamic of our respectful intimacy with each other: I hold you and you hold me. There are those who hold and those who are held.

A delicate balance in the bond of love that takes care of the other and vice versa.


This Tamil word from South India defines our inextricable and tender bond of love. It touches the depth of the bond of love and brings the dimension of happiness into the relationship.

It is the most intimate and profound affection between two beings. This word evokes the warmth and connection in the bond.

Whether we are more PAASAM or CAFUNE via SNEHA, the bond in love needs to be awakened, strengthened in consciousness.

Caress the skin of your love , feel the warmth against him, love, fill your heart with this bond while touching his hair and continuing to create this bond without losing it.

It could all be a story of the journey eventually in the relationship. Then dare to leave to strengthen your bond of love!