6 signs that someone is lying to you

How to recognize a man who is lying? What are the body language and non-verbal signs of a lying man? How do I know if he’s really lying to my face?

The lie can be spotted regardless of the type of profile or even the type of  toxic relationship  with a man. The reason for this is that when we lie in the face of a person, we are not entirely ourselves. It’s not human nature to lie to others. Some men are gifted, but they are never 100% protected from a lie.

“Today we live in a world where lies and pretences have become an acceptable norm that gives the illusion of being happy. The search for the truth is difficult and to express it is a risk of being excluded. Despite everything, I made the choice to live my life to seek and defend this truth. »

We are all imperfect, so if a man was a robot then that would be a whole different story, because robots don’t have emotions, while humans DO! He may be great at lying, but know that there is always a clue somewhere, a flaw that can be learned to detect in body and non-verbal language. Get ready, because that’s exactly what we’re going to find out together in this article.

You should also know that a violent man or a man who manipulates very often uses lies as a weapon to keep some control/power over his victim. 

Here are the 6 big signs of body and non-verbal language that prove that a man is lying to your face.

  1. micro expressions. They are difficult to hide and they are great clues that can often be difficult to detect. You must be attentive to the redness of the skin (the cheeks). A man can blush when he’s in an anxiety phase, or when he’s lying to your face. He may also have dilated nostrils, lip tension, a change in his breathing, etc.
  2. His physical attitude. To know if a man is honest or not with you, you can for example look at his posture, but also the coordination between the body, the face, the speech and the voice. A liar may bring his legs or arms under him and move as little as possible. It’s an abnormal reaction and it means something’s going on.
  3. Smile. Indeed, this simple expression is a very good indicator. Do you think a liar will stay with a sad emotion? No, because smiling is a way of hiding from the other. However, be aware that when lying, smiling may indicate abnormal facial movements, as if the lips and eyes are not following. A genuine smile is easily seen all over your face, so if you’re seeing just a simple smile, you might want to ask yourself questions.
  4. Communication. Did you notice a change in the tone of his voice? It can expose a liar. Pay attention to both the rate of speech and the breathing. It is in the acceleration or even in the slowing down that it is possible to unmask it easily. In any case, this reaction is rather fishy.
  5. Misleading words. When a man is lying, he tends to say “but”, “nor”, “except” or “while” often because he has difficulty lying or trying to hide his lie. Otherwise, he may be less likely to say “me” “I” or “mine.”
  6. Ignorance. Do you ever ask your man a simple question and suddenly he changes the subject or avoids answering? That’s a big sign that he doesn’t mean the truth, so he ignores like he never heard your question.

And you? Do you know any other signs that indicate a man is lying? Feel free to mention them in the comments below.