6 signs that show that he is a good man for you!

First, you need to start your search for the perfect man by looking for someone whose interests really match yours. For this, you must take your time to get to know him better, because if you go too fast, the relationship will not last.

We will discover together in this article all the signs to know to help you find the right one and above all not fall into a toxic relationship.

6 signs that show that this man is good for you:

  1. He participates in activities that interest you. A good man will do his best to make you feel comfortable and happy. So it can happen sometimes, but not always, that in the relationship he agrees to do an activity that he does not interest him at all and will do it anyway for you and out of love. This man is a good guy, but above all a man in love!
  2. He is always ready to try something new with you. He prefers to have novelty rather than routine in the relationship. You should know that the novelty strengthens the couple , while the routine can destroy the couple little by little.
  3. He is still in love after the fairy tale. As you know, in each beginning of a relationship we live like in a fairy tale, but it can happen that this very powerful bond which united you at the start has suddenly disappeared. A man in love still after the fairy tale is the ideal guy. It’s not perfect, but he’s learned to live with you and weather the storms together.
  4. He constantly seeks to improve. Whereas a toxic man is just the opposite and he doesn’t take the relationship as seriously as a good man would. Want to know if you are in the presence of a violent or manipulative man? I invite you to follow a specialist on YouTube by subscribing to her channel “  Agnès de Reulle – Freeing yourself from violence  ” and you will discover her best coaching advice.
  5. It makes you feel beautiful on the outside and inside.  A good man will never forget to make you feel gorgeous. In fact, this guy manages to manifest his feelings of beauty right down to your heart and the way he interacts with you physically and mentally. It’s very powerful!
  6. He tends to place a lot of importance on the “little things”. For example, he can come in front of you and hold the door open, pull the chair for you, feed the children, give a little foot massage, etc. In fact, it’s all his little actions that make good men .