8 Karmic Bonds We Have With The People Around Us

karmic relationships are not only about romantic relationships, but also about our children, loved ones, spouses, parents, friends or neighbors. Every encounter in our life is karmic with a reason in each of these encounters. Each leaves its mark on your destiny.

The Law of Karmic Bonds

All life encounters are divided into nine categories according to the degree of influence on our current life by these karmic ties:

  • Our children are the closest and most important people for our karma in this life;
  • Our family;
  • Our spouses;
  • Parents, Brothers and Sisters;
  • Neighbors;
  • Friends;
  • Colleagues;
  • Knowledge;
  • Random passers-by.

A close karmic connection means that we met more than once in our past incarnations, were in a close relationship and, perhaps, we were to blame for something in front of the person or him in front of us.

Maybe we caused great misfortunes for him in the past, and now we have to settle those karmic debts.

The greater the distance of the karmic connection, the less we have met and had energetic contact in the past, and the less there will be in our current life.

Let’s start with the furthest category that affects us most weakly; it includes people with whom we have the most minimal karmic connections.


The interaction with a passerby is an indicator of our benevolent attitude towards the world. For example, if you want to help this person, even if you don’t know them at all, or if you want to buy them something, listen to your heart.

The knowledge

These are people we may meet often or not very often, in life. You can’t put them in the category of friends, because you don’t feel much intimacy with them.

Generally, we don’t know them well enough to understand what they are to us, except that they are just acquaintances.

They are neighbors, a regular hairdresser, the postman, school teachers of our children and parents of school friends of our children. This category is the largest in our lifetime.

The energetic interaction with the category of knowledge is very diverse.

We may perceive acquaintances as very pleasant people, be spiritually united with them, and we may even perceive some of them as positive for us.

Based on this, we build our relationship with these people.


People who are connected with us in work are Karmically closer than mere acquaintances. But they should never be confused with friends. Interaction with colleagues can only take place on an equivalent exchange.

For example, let’s take the Manager of a shoe store, who “out of friendship” hires the daughter of a school friend. By a succession of events, the young girl is the cause of enormous problems. The store manager practically finds herself in court.

Everyone is shocked. His school friend becomes a hated enemy. The lesson is that as often as possible, professional relationships should only be established on a professional basis. But the store manager didn’t quite understand the lesson, because the conclusion she drew from this story was “don’t do people any good”.


The karmic category of friends, are near and dear people. Relations with them are built in a completely different way. In the previous three categories, relationships were built on the basis of mutually beneficial exchanges. The karmic relationship of friends involves selfless support, help regardless of what you get in return.

Why does fate bring us together? Why, when meeting one person among thousands of people, do we suddenly feel the kinship of our souls?

Because this relationship really exists. We don’t always remember and understand this, but we still feel like we know each other. We understand each other, we think the same way, we have the same life values. We are cosmically of the same karmic bond.

However, there is an ancient truth: It is better to be deceived by friends than not to trust them all your life. If your friends cheated on you, well, you cheated and confused the wrong people with your friends.

Learn to distinguish karmic categories!


We came into this world according to Cosmic Laws, which we are not given to fully understand. In fact, we “purify” our karma.

In other words, we are in this life among other things to solve the problems of our family, to help the relatives, to accumulate the positive energy of the clan, by freeing the following generations from birth diseases and karmic problems.

The family we came with interacts with us in different ways. The clan protects from adversity, helps on the path of life, leads and gives strength in difficult times. These roots must be preserved, transmitted by inheritance, multiplying traditions.

By overcoming transgenerational problems and sometimes curses. Thus, the soul strengthens and cleanses your roots.

Unfortunately, some play with the feelings of the family and are ready to morally destroy their loved ones and not even feel that they have done wrong. They are energy “vampires”, it is best to avoid them.

An equivalent energy exchange is rarely possible with relatives. Let us be, use their energies, or we give them ours.

Parents, brothers, sisters

The relationship you develop with your loved ones is the most striking indicator of your attitude towards ancestral karma. If there are several children in the family, then each of them can have their own relationship with the family and, therefore, their own indicator of connection with the karma of the clan.

Often one of the children may be the full carrier of the father’s karma and the other; the mother’s karma, and the third remains free from these debts.

A much more complex intertwining of karmic family lines between siblings is also possible. Two daughters can carry the karma of the mother and the father transmits the pure genetic line to his grandson.

The brother and sister inherit their father’s problems, and the mother passes on her creative talents to her grandson. There are as many options as there are families in this world.

A favorable relationship between brothers and sisters, selfless and benevolent, is a great gift of fate and an invaluable support granted by the Universe. But if the relationship develops badly, we will not forget that they are our brothers and sisters and that we chose each other up there.

And whatever happens, we must humbly accept what is given to us. Let’s be reasonable support for our loved ones, it’s our karma. The balance is in what we owe them Karmically and what we give back to them now.

If an alcoholic brother asks for money to drink, our duty is not to give him everything we have, but to do everything to help him get out of this addiction.

However, not against his will.

Anything done against a person’s will is done for evil. By working on karma, we release the karmic path of our children and grandchildren.

The couple

Marriages are made up there before we arrive on earth. Spouses are people who must build their destiny together. Karmic dependence on a spouse is much more than dependence on parents.

Marriage breakdown is often much more difficult than a “difficult” childhood.

Not everyone manages to find the strength to start all over again, sometimes already at an advanced age.

You have chosen a person as your spouse, and now he (or she) is absolutely no longer suitable for you. It turns out that he or she was the match for you at the time!

You must now understand why fate brought you together. And see, what this relationship has taught you.

The energy relationship between spouses knows no boundaries. It is almost impossible to “close” a spouse. The karma of the two grows together and becomes common.

The energy of a harmonious married couple is so great that they are practically invulnerable.

Foreign and disharmonious influences can only come in for a while, the energy of both destroys all the negative.

Marriage is a test of the ability to love and empathize, the ability to accept someone else’s point of view, to listen to it, despite any difference in point of view.

Your soul wins if you serve diligently and selflessly, with humility and love for one person. But if marriage can be complex karma, love is always happiness, and it is given as a reward, apparently, for good work out of karmic debts, it should be cherished as a priceless gift.

If true love turns out not to be reciprocal, it gives us even higher states of mind, when we can wish happiness to someone else, to the one she loves or he or she loves. love.


The main karmic duty of a person living on Earth is duty to a child.

The concepts of Peace, Good and Evil are generally assimilated during parental education.

What I can tell you is that only the infinite energy of Love helps the soul in its difficult work. The task is to understand, in the moments of communication, what is happening, what is permitted and what is unacceptable.

I hope you enjoyed this sharing?