After love, do and don’t!

After having made love with your man, it happens that the gentleman falls asleep and abandons you without making any efforts. Yet women need more than s*x and that must be made clear to her! They need tenderness and hugs after the act and Monsieur has decided otherwise.

So it’s time to get smart and redouble your efforts to get what you want. Do not hesitate to try to keep your partner awake and have a little tenderness within the couple. Thereafter, there are dos and don’ts after s*x so feel free to be imaginative in making your man happy while still getting what you want.

Why do men fall asleep after having s*x?

After love , men are “programmed” to fall asleep. Their exhausted brain is in lethargy as the female brain is stimulated, awake and women clamor for affection. It is not a sign of disrespect to fall asleep after having s*x for a man and it is even rather natural. Men are thus programmed to go to sleep after orgasm, which can often be frustrating for the neglected woman.

After an orgasm , men cannot immediately feel arousal, unlike women. The two s*xes therefore do not feel the same way, which explains the behavior of men. So you no longer have to feel incomprehension vis-à-vis your partner. Don’t take it the wrong way when your man turns away from you to sleep when you want to talk to him or just share a loving moment two.

If you really want to keep your man awake after having s*x , don’t panic! There are techniques to remember to achieve this. The timing of s*x is very important. Just before a meal, he will be less inclined to sleep because he may be hungry. Enjoy a good dinner for a chat and claim your spouse’s attention. Otherwise, pick your time in the early evening when neither is tired.

After love, what to do to keep him awake

Do not hesitate to give him compliments. If you flatter him on his s*xual performance, he will listen to you attentively and won’t feel like sleeping at all. The conversation might even drift into more intimate topics and you can get your intimate moment with him. And who knows, you may even get a hug and the tenderness you want. In your conversation, you will surely be able to bring up topics like your fantasies, your cravings, and this can only be beneficial for your future s*x life.

Think about giving him a massage after getting his feet wet and the perfect idea! This will allow you to gently extend your privacy. Do not hesitate to touch it with your fingertips to wake up his numb body. Maybe he will be motivated to return the favor. You don’t have to force him to stay awake, however, and sometimes his lethargy proves he’s had a good time by your side and what a good tigress you are that you’ve exhausted him, poor little kitten! He lets himself be carried away by the bliss of sleep after that of a frenzied part of legs in the air . You can therefore respect his sleep and ask for his attention another time.

What not to do after a game of legs in the air!

Advice on what not to do after s*x with your man. Above all, the first rule is to avoid touching your penis because this part of the body is very sensitive after s*x.

Then prefer to touch other parts of his body such as the torso, back or arms. Avoid overly serious discussions such as household chores. It is not by reminding him that he forgot to empty the dishwasher that you will have a moment of tenderness in return!

After love , it’s a good time to get to know your partner better, even when you have been in a relationship for a long time because all barriers fall, but avoid questions that are too intrusive. You could ruin a good time. Have a creative mind to keep your man awake and create a moment of sharing and tenderness that will surely please him and that he will inevitably want to find again during your next reports. What better girls can you dream of?