All the steps to end love addiction

Is your love addiction ruining your life and you absolutely want to put an end to it before it has dramatic consequences for your relationship? How to gain self-confidence in your sentimental life and no longer be afraid of losing the other? What are the solutions to overcome emotional dependence quickly?.

This article is the result of a long experience both in coaching and following the messages left on my site. I have supported more than 10,000 people since 2007 and I can guarantee you that you are not alone (e) wondering “How to end love addiction?” “. It is a situation shared by many people, men and women and of all profiles. In all sincerity, before doing this job I would never have imagined that dependence on others was the first cause of rupture and therefore of divorce, and that it took such an important place in our sentimental life.

Throughout my career, I have worked at length on the management of emotions during a phase of emotional dependence but also on the need to take action to fight your fears and obtain a more fulfilling love life. This is why today I would like to send you my advice and guide you to help you get out of this situation, to regain good self-esteem, to put forward your desires to finally take control of your love life.

I could have titled this article “How to stop my love addiction?” »But I preferred to do it in sobriety with the steps to end addiction to others. However, this with the firm will to give you concrete actions to put in place during your daily life and which will therefore help you to be more fulfilled.

But to support you as well as possible, it is important to me to answer you personally and therefore the best option in my eyes is to be present in the comments in order to answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to write to me to discuss your problems and your needs.

Getting out of love addiction means taking action FOR YOURSELF!

Most of the people I support almost always make the same mistake at the start, that of looking for a magical and immediate solution to save their relationship because they are showing proof of love addiction and their other half can’t take it anymore!

Quite simply because they obscure the most important thing, which is the fact of carrying out a real work on oneself, and that this necessarily takes time. Suddenly, by wanting to go faster than the music, they find themselves acting superficially and for a very short period of time. This is the reason why I take the time in coaching to explain that to end love addiction definitively , you have to know how to be patient.

If it is such a complex process, it is often because the emotional dependence did not happen by chance . It comes almost inevitably from your past, namely either the relationship maintained with your parents, or in your relations with society (repeated mockery for example) or then romantic relationships which have destroyed you psychologically because suffering has resulted from it. .

By seeking to save your marriage as you are doing today, that is to say through actions scattered and not sustained over time, you will act superficially but the root of the problem will remain, which is why I recommend that people who find themselves in this situation always act for yourself before acting for the other !

It is important to stop love dependence that you are able to regain self-confidence, invest in yourself and implement something new.

I invite you to try new activities such as Yoga , meditation, the regular practice of a sporting activity but also to take care of your image, to indulge yourself with moments of well-being in a SPA or even to you launch into a new passion allowing you to build yourself as a woman / man. Investing in yourself is above all to become the person of your dreams, the one who will allow you to be in agreement with your values ​​and especially with objectives as well as new ambitions.

Your partner can only be satisfied with the distance that will be created to focus on you and this is what will automatically recreate harmony and balance in the couple . This will probably surprise you, but your couple will then find a perfect bond when you are able to distance yourself from your partner!

Communicate to put an end to the quésaco love addiction?

When it comes to dialogue in the couple , you tended to talk about the negative, mainly targeting your fears or the reproaches you might make against your partner. You have surely realized that this attitude does not allow you to get your message across and that, on the contrary, many relationship crises occur when you adopt such an attitude.

Communication is however one of the pillars of your romantic life and the success of a relationship. To help you put it in place, I recommend that you no longer talk about the damage of your love addiction but rather about your positive desires.

What would you like to experience with your partner to strengthen your relationship?

It is one of the first exercises that I perform with the people I accompany quite simply because the negative no longer has its place in times of dependence in love . All conversations are going to be prone to arguments, as you are going to focus on the blame, mistakes, and unfulfilled needs.

On the contrary, I now want to invite you to let go of your moods to focus on the positive you want to establish. You will find solutions to develop the passion between you two but also strong actions to take to relax your mind and fully enjoy your story.

To put an end to emotional dependence , I recommend that you finally understand your emotions and explain to your partner why you are reacting this way and what you feel about his mistakes or his lacks or simply when you are badly. Be careful, do not blame him any more but remember to explain to him what is going on inside you. Therefore be careful with the tone of voice you use because it is just as important as the words you speak.

What if you started by accepting your emotional addiction?

You won’t be able to fight love addiction if you can’t come to terms with it and tame it. These are very strong and above all very painful emotions that you feel. It is therefore normal to wish to be able to control it, but above all to learn to live with it in order to gradually reduce its impact and eventually eradicate it completely.

It is proven that the more you fixate on a problem, the more important it will become in your mind. So if you experience a feeling of guilt , you will inevitably accentuate your devaluation, and never manage to control this dependence on the partner because you will always be afraid of never getting out of it.

As you can read, this is a vicious cycle! So why not start by accepting your addiction, taking into account that the results will come little by little. All this while keeping in mind the need to act by making the efforts over time!

It is through acceptance and then action that you will be able to:

– little by little regain better self-confidence.

– Better control your emotions, even the most negative.

– Take back control of your love life, but also your personal life,

– Simply be happy

– Save your relationship because that is the goal of all your efforts!

If you want to take action but you are unsure of what to do next, if you want to put all the chances on your side to achieve this ultimate goal of ending love addiction.