Amorous expectation: Between speech and telepsychiatry, where are you?

Is it possible to find genuine love online? Is it possible to awaken reciprocal love and maintain a powerful emotional connection from a distance?.

Waiting: a confident word

I wait for you my love every day either in words, or in images, videos or in small attentions. You send them to me miles away and they come. I always discover them eagerly and passionately. I feel you in your words, in your sensitivity which speaks to me more and more over the days and where I recognize myself so much. We learned to talk to each other, to share while being far away. Each word has become a kiss that we want to place on the tip of our lips at every moment.

Feeding your relationship at a distance while waiting for the other means leaving room for free expression, for speech. It is not always easy to find the words from a distance to express all that we feel and very often we feel helpless in solitude. We would like to be able to move quickly and say out loud what lives in us. Find the ways to express his love.

In this expectation, the relationship can create a word of couple. In the words addressed to one’s partner, one frees oneself. We let ourselves go in free expression and liberated by the love that carries us. We dare. This audacity which touches the letting go, the desire to go towards the other builds the base of the word confidence in the couple. Leave room for words to settle in the relationship. Make room for your speaking space. This is what should take place in intimacy and allow the relationship to exist in the two personal dimensions of the two partners.

Waiting in love allows it easily. There will sometimes be misunderstandings, misunderstandings in this remote communication.

But there is above all in our relationship all this link that is created more and more each day by listening to one and the other. Because in this word of trust there is listening that takes place at a distance. We kind of have our entire consciousness awake to welcome and respond to our partner.

If speaking seems to be a decisive lever for keeping in touch and nurturing the bond, there is this acuity that each man and each woman has to make this expectation, what I will call a state of grace, of elevation of the two beings towards love in full confidence.


Waiting in Telepsychiatry

What could be more normal to hope that the other experiences the same thing as you, that he has similar desires, that he thinks the same thing as you at the same moment. How will this long-distance relationship increase our sensory acuity?

This expectation will allow us to awaken every sensitive chord in our soul. In the exchange, there is this sensory world which comes alive. Waiting will create the connection of the two souls at a distance by developing our sensory and telepathic powers. Communication will no longer be by words but in silence by spirits.

Who has never felt at a time in a remote relationship with someone without even having contacted them. You have certainly already experienced this connection of souls at a distance where silence takes place and we visualize very clearly what we would like with the other for example.

Telepathy is this acuity to probe the thought of the other, to know what the other thinks. But here I will talk about telepsychia which consists in visualizing in one’s thoughts the image of one’s partner and feeling his presence.

This mental programming is very powerful in the silent connection between the two partners because it has what we could call this power of future realization. Telepsychiatry is a very strong intention connected to the sensory world of being in connection with the energy that surrounds us. And the more you will be in telepsychic mode, the more the order of the realizable will be.

If the two partners in this silence at a distance explore this dimension, there is every chance of offering the relationship a state of extreme elevation. Because we act in subtle plans of the relation by considering that this one is made of vibrations and relational powers even at a distance.

Waiting invites exchanges of life, the mystery of what surrounds us and which can be the field of non-verbal communication at a distance. We can therefore by all possible means touch the speech of the soul. Waiting then offers a silent dialogue between the souls of the partners, an infinite sweetness .

Souls talk to each other, find each other in this expectation without our acting. And when this is felt then the expectation is transcended, metamorphosed.

Amorous expectation becomes unique and mysterious. The dialogue between souls continues in silence, in distance and the relationship is thus created in these intimate and mysterious in-betweens. Yes, waiting love has this marvelous and dynamic supplement of soul that maintains the relationship at all times and retains its power of the elusive, the invisible.

There is nothing mystical. Do not be afraid. It is the power of trust in the vastness of our life.

The expectation is unspeakable, it plays with the worlds of the invisible and arrives in a few sensitive and velvety touches to bring together two beings in love.

Waiting is the guardian of this love and we have every interest in safeguarding it in the bond until the day when the relationship will be found in real life. We have every interest in caressing it in his soul to leave love in its vibration until the moment when souls will finally touch.