Apapachar : This Mexican word that is defined as the caress of the soul

Hugs are gestures of love . They come to embrace our sensitive world when we are in a loving relationship. The caresses are the witness of a physical meeting between the two partners. They can be voluptuous, intoxicating, exciting.

But there is one that will come to deeply touch your existence when you give it or receive it.

This is the caress of the soul.

Apapachar is a caress of the soul

Apapachar, this Mexican word translates this caress of the soul. Its etymology comes from the verb papachoar which means to touch with tenderness . It is then used in massage.

But apapachar goes much further since it highlights an intimate encounter between the two people. When we do an “apapacho”, we come to cuddle the soul of the other. We come to touch the other beyond simple physical contact.

We enter the emotional world of each individual. We grasp all the tenderness, the depth of the contact in full presence whether it is done in real life or from a distance. We let go and we put ourselves in an emotional nude without limit, without blocking. The other is there to welcome us in our total vulnerability, our sensitivity.

Apapachar is a gift of love. It is offered in an act of empathy. We can welcome the other in his deep being: his wounds, his dreams without stealing anything from him without attributing anything to himself.

This is true empathy.

What I call responsible empathy.

Apapachar is a soul caress, empathetic gesture that we can give to anyone in a spirit of connection. There is nothing directed or projected about it. He is energy, vibration and wonderful. It is a connection of life.

Apapachar is a  love connection

Love with one’s partner, one’s children is an emotional encounter that grows and settles in an intimate space that belongs to us. But love is also a movement. And in this, it cannot be summed up in encounters. You don’t find love just around the corner. We will understand why we have this person on our path of love.

Love is understandable, it cannot be met.

Apapachar is a love connection. It comes to lay bare our emotional world that we place in front of the other. We then accept in this deliverance to be enveloped in a pure and welcoming love.

But then what is the meaning of this connection of souls?

When we enter the world of “Apapachar”, we create a fusional and fissional encounter with the other . We give birth to an alchemy of our emotions in a greatness of our life.

We then understand that love is not a goal in itself, it is a mountain that we learn to climb together while keeping our essence, our personal power.

True soul connections are not related to spirituality in my opinion, they are a voluntary and committed fusion between two people.

Of course you will recognize similar people in certain people, what we even call our soul families. And the more life progresses, the more easily you will identify them. However love cannot be a simple writing of angels or spiritual guides. It’s also a trip for two, it’s a perpetual caress of beings.

Apapachar is going into the world of one’s intimate emotions and agreeing to expose oneself definitively. Commitment is a caress of the soul, I want to say.

Apapachar is a way to enter into one’s resilience with the other

Giving a caress of the soul does not happen overnight. It is a fine learning and accessible to all and at any age. There is nothing innate. Everything is acquired.

We all have an emotional environment that has been transmitted to us and that we in turn want to transmit. In this wave of exchanges, all our resilience in the face of love will be added (its sorrows, its separations, its mourning but also our strengths, our happiness, our dreams.)

In apapachar there is the gesture and the consciousness of this gesture. Indeed, when we commit ourselves to giving this caress of the soul to the other, we invite him to take everything out, to let go deeply. We come into contact with our resilient consciousness, that is, we put a certain existence in our power to go beyond our sufferings in a connection.

Borsi Cyrulnik, a specialist on this theme of resilience , affirms that our own resilience cannot be achieved without the other. It is necessary to go to the meeting to offer this combat of the existence, to exceed it and to grow in its heart.

Apapachar is a way of entering into one’s resilience with the other. May this other be your child or your partner or sometimes even a person who can be this caress of the soul in a moment of liberation and unexpected letting go.

When we offer the apapachar we open our consciousness wide to our resilience, and quite simply to our love, to our  tenderness of soul.