Blow on the candle

I wish it was you. You wish it was me. Yet from the first glance we knew it wouldn’t. We knew it, but we still chose to share a piece of the road together, believing that over time we might end up walking towards the same horizon. We had similar wounds to heal and realizations to trigger in each other. And that, my love, lasts a while; the time it takes to get to the train to take us to our next destination. And when we get to this famous train, we will have to accept the obvious, the one we have always known, that we were only a transit relationship.

Like two soul mates crossing each other in great spiritual salvation, we stopped for each other, despite all the discomfort, the gap and the challenges that this entailed. We walked together, hand in hand, out of pain, out of despair and for this mutual need for comfort and that’s ok. We were in pain and needed to rest in the arms of another human being.

We found ourselves in this insatiable need for love, but also and above all in this stubborn hope that things will end up turning out differently because we have this beautiful habit we humans believe that we can force things in order to obtain this. that we want here and now by projecting onto the first human being, kind, open and available, the reality we would like to experience. But Love is not a choice that we calculate and choose strategically. Love is evidence that chooses us, without warning, despite ourselves or to our greatest happiness, it depends.

Lighting a fire for which we will have to deploy a lot of efforts to keep it alive, day after day, is to know very well that at the first symptoms of shortness of breath we will be forced to watch it go out before our eyes.

To relentlessly rekindle a fire that must be extinguished, is to believe that we can outsmart Life in the hope of warming our hearts.But what’s ironic is that we lose so much of our human warmth trying to artificially keep a flame that must die alive. We’re getting cold. We become embittered, sad and hypothermia of the heart takes over us. The flame is extinguished, but we do not accept it. So we turn it on again and again. We burn our fingers, hands, lips, then we start again, but it’s still so cold. The flame flickers. She comes and goes. But we always make beautiful promises that go far beyond this flame. »I promise you, this time it’s the right one. We will not be extinguished anymore. And one fine morning, we wake up with a frozen heart because the flame left us during the night, very slowly, naturally.

Inflated with despair disguised as hope, we’ll turn it back on, pretending it’s not the hundredth time. We will remember how far we have come and how much we promised ourselves to travel. Then, we will undertake to watch over the flame in turn, without rest and without respite. We will silence the doubt and speak less loudly lest it waver. We will not look at it too closely so that our heavy eyelids do not extinguish it. We will work with the sweat of our brow to keep this tiny little flame alive and it will kill us slowly.

We will hurt everywhere. We will be tired. We will tremble even to the soul. Then, one day, while we will hold our tiny embers in our entwined hands, we will finally see that it no longer dazzles us and that it only wants to go out.

We will realize the respect we have lacked in refusing the great plan of Life. We will then understand that this flame does not belong to us and that it is only a gentle torch that Life lends us while we cross our wonderland and our demons together. Sometimes the common path to travel is short and sometimes it stretches to forever, but that choice comes down to the little flame that burns between us and not our desire to keep it artificially alive lest no other flame never warms us up.

Saying I love you is also accepting that inevitably there will be a moment when we will have to blow our candle and continue our way until the next crossed flame on our way to warm us, heal us and us. advance a little further.

And to honor our path we will have to accept these moments when we will walk alone and live them fully without fear of our darker and colder moments, because there will always be a flame in us to enlighten us. And no other flame than ours will be able to warm us, enlighten us and heal us so much.

Everything we are looking for is within us.
Our path leads to us.
All these little flames are only to teach us to love, recognize and rekindle our own better.

Life is an exchange of light, and this light is the unconditional love that our soul carries and that we will have to experience in a thousand and one ways during our life to transcend human suffering.

To blow on the candle is to know that Life gives generously and that what is taken from us is perfectly orchestrated. It’s all about balance. You have to let the energy and the love flow. You have to let go and blow on the candle, out of respect for yourself, for the Universe and for the one with whom you have walked on the great path of Life. Each flame that goes out is a mission accomplished, a page that is turned, a step up. Every flame that goes out is a blessing, a salute and a big silent thank you from a rising soul.