Breakup and lack of self-esteem: 4 tips for more self-confidence

Do you know one of the biggest causes of a breakup?

It’s emotional addiction! Do you know what is the main cause of emotional dependence? It’s the lack of self-esteem!

As I explain in my video at the end of the article, many romantic relationships take an uncomfortable turn often due to the lack of enough self-love. Emotional dependence is the main cause of breakups and divorces. The lack of self-confidence, of self-esteem induce toxic relationships sometimes with narcissistic perverts with painful consequences.

“Self-love is the source of all our other loves.

– Pierre Corneille

To overcome emotional dependence, you must work on your self-esteem. Here are 4 tips to have better self-esteem, avoid a breakup or to rebuild yourself following a separation :

1) Let go of perfectionism

Some people have a hard time accepting that they aren’t perfect in their map of the world. If you find yourself exhibiting perfectionism or feeling negative things about yourself because you think you’re not your best, follow three simple steps. Stop following your current line of thinking, focus on the efforts needed to reach your goal, and then put those efforts into action.


2) Eliminate negative thoughts

Don’t get into the bad habit of only focusing on the bad things in your life. Staying focused on uncomfortable events can make those events overly important. If you find yourself complaining that only bad experiences happen to you, look for the positive in that feedback.

3) Never insult yourself

By insulting yourself, you lose your quality of being human and you reduce yourself to a single element related to something you don’t like about yourself.

4) Reward yourself

That’s the fun part when you love yourself, you can reward yourself! If you’ve managed to accomplish something significant, treat yourself to a treat: restaurant, book, two days by the sea. Whatever it is. Take a long shower or bubble bath. Go fishing alone or treat yourself to a massage.


Never forget, the most important person is you! You are the person you will live with until the end of your days. If you haven’t already, start by learning more about loving yourself as you are.