Confusion in a relationship

Are you confused about the direction of your relationship? It is well known that relationships are often happy and smooth at first, but over time they can lose their magic without you realizing it. All relationships require effort and hard work. Often times we form our own bubble by letting go of certain aspects that we have to deal with early on and end up feeling miserable and underestimated in front of the other after months / years with them.

Realize that a relationship is like a house: it must have good pillars to support all the necessary weight it needs. Along the way, as in all relationships, you will come across unpleasant situations and you will have to know how to overcome them together. The more and more that you fight to make the relationship work – mutually – the more you can build a solid relationship around you, that solid wall that will stand around you. In the event that you leave with a – minimum – of confidence between you: remember the example of the house… If the pillars are not well fixed to the ground; the house will not hold and will eventually fall at the first overload!

Check out these telltale signs:

1- Your partner cannot accept who you are.

Everyone has both positive and negative traits. A good partner will accept all of your faults, no exceptions. Your partner  may  not enjoy watching  Desperate  Housewives  or  The  Walking  Dead with you, but he must accept that you enjoy watching this kind of program and leave you, without judging you. If your partner doesn’t like the way you dress, your career, or even sometimes your physical flaws, you might not be comfortable around them anymore. If he’s unable to accept who you are, that’s one of the biggest indicators that the relationship won’t work. If you realize that you are trying to mold yourself the way you behave, talk or even act with this person .. It is time for you to say your goodbyes. Your partner must love everything that surrounds you.

2- Your partner does not tolerate you when you are irritated.

Relationships come with intimacy. Happiness and laughter, of course, are not always there. So, sometimes we may be a little irritated, stressed or in a bad mood because of our difficulties in everyday life. Your partner should know you and put you in perspective, without dragging you down. Although sometimes it is difficult. If he pushes you away during these emotional events, know that he’s the wrong person for you.

3- Your needs are not being met by your partner.

A good partner should be able to cheer you up after a tough day and be able to provide you with the love and support you need. If he can’t offer you even a word of encouragement, the relationship will deteriorate.

4- You are not in the same place mentally.

An example that happens very often, if you are ready to get married or even settle in an  apartment  with your lover and your partner wants to travel alone for a few years, then there could be problems. If you realize that your relationship is getting serious, it is much better to both sit down and talk about your plans for the future. Know that it  ‘s  nobody’s fault that you have different interests, but you both deserve to know if you’re not in the same boat. Why waste time daydreaming and giving you ideas when the other is not totally the same as you?

5- You put the work in the relationship, but your partner does not put his.

A relationship is built. Both partners need to give and take. Sometimes a partner can give more or take more. This can cause a huge problem because, it takes an equal amount of effort to make the relationship work. If one of you doesn’t care enough and the other is dedicated, maybe it is time to realize that this is one sign that the relationship has turned unhealthy and negative. The person who gives everything will get bored one day and it will only end in bad terms.

Now imagine the example of the house. If each of you starts to climb the walls of a house, block by block and the other does not often help with the task and does not make the same effort as you .. How do you imagine the end? … Probably the wall of the devoted partner will be mounted while the wall of the other partner will only be half. Result: the wall will eventually separate these two people since there is no equality. The partner who has put in the effort will meet a wall in front of him and the second partner will be confused.

6- You fight for him / her to trust her.

Confidence is essential in a couple. You have to trust yourself. If your partner has given you a reason to be suspicious of them, you can forgive him – once – if he makes the ASTRONOMICAL effort necessary to regain your trust -. However, the worst decision is to stay when you no longer trust him. If you find yourself checking their phone when they leave the room, seriously start asking yourself questions …

7- You don’t see the long term potential.

A relationship takes a lot of time and effort, so it’s important that you put some work into it. If you don’t see a future together, then maybe it’s time for you to move on.

If you are reading this article and you are in a confused relationship: call your partner. Go for coffee and talk about your goals together. In the event that this person does not have the same expectations as you, try to make yourself understood, otherwise, it is better to leave it there and leave you on good terms. Remember that you should never leave something in your heart that you don’t like: speak up. Communication is worth gold!