Conscious couples develop qualities that enhance love

We live in an era which sees the advent of a new relational mode. The current model does not work. Many do not find themselves in their romantic relationship, and too many people are struggling in their professional relationships. 

And finally, that’s not a bad thing. Yes, because it’s when things break that they are replaced. In other words, current relational modes have shown their limits. The overall dissatisfaction observed in interpersonal relationships causes the emergence of new norms.

This is what happens in the realm of intimate relationships. This experienced dissatisfaction pushes more and more couples towards conscious love.

What is a conscious romantic relationship?

It is a relationship in which both partners feel committed to the same goal, declined on several levels: to evolve – to evolve personally, evolution of the couple as well, and a shared aspiration to commit to the emergence of a better world. .

Until now, most people expect their relationship to meet their personal needs. It might work for a few years, but ultimately that relationship is doomed. Because the feeling of nagging dissatisfaction ends up resurfacing, then prevailing to finally dominate, giving the signal of an imminent rupture.

On the other hand, when two people come together with the shared intention of evolving, the couple tends towards something much greater than the personal gratification of one or the other. The committed relationship then becomes an evolutionary journey. Everyone has the opportunity to open up to new horizons, wider than what they could imagine on their own. The other makes this more possible. A deep satisfaction and a strengthened long-term relationship result.

So, if you are looking forward to experiencing a love affair to the next level, read below on what are the four qualities that characterize a conscious couple. Welcome to the path of a conscious romantic relationship …

1. A conscious couple does not care about the outcome of the relationship: progress is the priority

Not being attached to the end of the relationship doesn’t mean you don’t care about what’s going on. This does not mean that you do not dream of a continuation of this relationship. It just means that you are more attached to living this evolution and getting involved in it; rather than wasting your time just making things “work” between you.

Life pushes us to evolve, whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When we are no longer evolving, we automatically feel uneasy, as if something has gone wrong. Without evolution, we do not fulfill our deep purpose.

Unfortunately, relationships today tend to stifle this development more than allow it to exist. It is even one of the main reasons for the failure of a romantic relationship.

Because, we want our partners to act in a certain way and we prevent ourselves from pleasing others so as not to offend him / her. Very quickly we then have the feeling of being small, oppressed and puzzled about who we have become. The inevitable consequence is a feeling of being in a cage and wanting to break those bonds. But we have to face the facts: we built our own cage ourselves!

Conscious couples know the importance of change and evolution, more than anything else. They know that’s the secret to keeping the relationship alive. Even if the evolution worries because it brings its share of unknowns, the couple is ready to risk themselves towards a better elsewhere. As a result, the relationship maintains a natural feeling of vitality, and love endures with an ever-renewed freshness.

2. Each person in the relationship is determined to have “shitty” moments

Conscious couples know that each one is dragging its wounds, its balls inherited from the past. They understand that these injuries will inevitably reappear at some point in the relationship. In other words, they expect to feel abandoned, trapped, rejected, neglected, and any other “shitty” feelings that develop when you’re in a strong relationship.

Most of us still believe that a couple’s relationship should be good “no matter what” and, when bad feelings surface: something has gone terribly wrong! What we don’t see in this situation is that these unpleasant feelings are coming from our own faulty model! These problems are not the fault of our partner, they find their origin in our erroneous beliefs, in the illusion that we have of the “perfect couple”.

The conscious couple is ready to look at their past and current issues in the relationship because both partners know that by facing these belief systems, they can evolve into a new relationship, a true relationship. Dysfunctional patterns then dissolve, but only when we accept responsibility for them first. It is necessary to identify and consciously reject the problem before you can experience the change.

3. Every feeling is welcome and all moods can exist

In a conscious relationship, there is room to be natural. He has room for moods, whatever they may be. There is also room to express your innermost feelings and fantasies to your partner. Of course we walk on eggshells, it’s never easy. But it’s also the most saving thing about a relationship.

It’s rare to be completely honest about who we are, as it’s rare that we leave enough room for our partner to do the same. You may not like what you hear and it can even trigger your anger. But you are ready to endure it, because it means accepting that your partner can react the way he is.

We’re used to going into the mold and going out of our way to please the people we love, because we don’t want them to stop loving us! This is typically what stifles love.

The only option is total honesty: dare to reveal our deep intimacy even when it is difficult to share, and let our partner do the same. This gives the feeling of knowing each other and leads to an understanding, if not total, but in any case much better, of the two partners. This reciprocal posture automatically improves your romantic relationship.

4. Relationship is a place to practice love.

Love, ultimately, is a practice. A practice of consent, of being present, of forgiving and of exposing one’s heart in vulnerable territories.

We sometimes experience love as if it were an end in itself. We want to feel that love all the time, and when it’s less present, we’re disappointed with what the relationship has become. But, love is a journey, an exploration. It expresses each of the nuances of your relationship and leads you to question yourself: “How does love manifest itself at this moment”? The answer is different each time. This is how you have this chance to be able to develop yourself like never before.

The conscious couple are fiercely determined to be on this embodiment of love. And through their dedication and practice, love is manifested in their lives and their relationship, in ways they never imagined before.