Couple life today : When your partner becomes your hashtag , your follower, your Liker!

At the time of the telephone, at all # living together offers a whole new picture.

And yes, the life of a couple where we dress the same, where I choose the same menu as you at the restaurant, where I watch the same film as you offers a new model.

This model that some will call ideal is undoubtedly a representation of couples that has taken another turn these days.

It’s no longer the sailor sweater that I put on like you to go for a walk by the ocean, but it’s rather the selfie that I take, that I send on social networks:  #ocean #love #freedom

And my first follower will be you my love without a doubt.

We will then be in LIKE and LIKE mode.

Becoming the follower in love in your relationship means reconsidering your way of loving and being in your relationship.

When the follower is your life companion. It becomes the privileged witness of your Instagram account, your Facebook account, your speech in # on the net.

To love with the digital format is to guarantee to the one who shares your life that he will know your impulses, your desires, your impetus to put in front of the eyes of others the intimate moments solo or shared in a few seconds of download.

Photos of all kinds will then come to create the memories of the couple:

From the plate of the restaurant, certainly different because everyone has their own tastes.

From the new dress or shirt that puts me forward and that will be my new profile picture.

From the accomplice moment between the two of us that I want to explode with likes on the web.

We can say that the couples format is revealing its new face more and more.

We love each other, by following each other, by liking each other, by revealing each other even in intimacy.

But then what becomes of the intimacy of the couple in this new wave of the net? LIKE and LOVE don’t have the same feelings.

Many people will criticize this way of putting everything on the networks and no longer reserving intimacy for candles.

Yet some couples will find their new way of loving together.

They will create a new intimacy.

This means that the partner becomes the ally of my gaze that I offer to the networks, the accomplice of our US in front of the assets of the messenger or the subscribers.

My boyfriend, my companion, my love becomes the front line liker that I want to touch. LIKE and LIKE in one person.

How then does the # settle in the cozy nest of lovers?

Everything can start with a virtual meeting via the networks and love happens.

I flashed, I liked and we loved each other.

The digital format already had its place in the couple’s history.

Communication # will therefore be installed in the couple and will become this habit of posting on Facebook individually or in pairs. Liking and liking will hold hands.

And then there are the couples who get # over time.

And there are different ways to behave in your relationship by being a follower of your partner.

Between the one who will spy on the slightest photo that his half will put, between the couples who will create their common profile, just to say we are in a relationship, and between the couples who are solo each in their profile and who use this network to communicate their love sometimes by surprise.

One morning, I wake up and I discover on my wall a love poem that each of the facebook or instagram friends will have already commented on before I was even able to like!

But it does not matter it is so touching this attention.

From astonishing declarations, to the words of love put on the wall, love finds its place in all authenticity. And the like will unite with the word love.

But then how do these couples support each other in this new way of life?

Followers in love will never lose sight of the fact that the moment at the origin of the photo or the post remains that of their intimacy. That the desire to write or post a heart for his or her partner is very sincere.

Behind these # and this follower side that has settled in the lives of couples, there is what others simply do not see and which will also build the madness, the complicity, and the love of couples.

There is what the couple created in their confidence. He knows what it is to like and love.

There is what we decide not to share.

There is this # that simply belongs to us.

Loving each other as a hashtag, loving each other as a follower, loving each other by liking is above all considering that love is a new dynamic way of life because it has become a back and forth between the house and the networks and will certainly be able to prevent routine or boredom.

So looking at your life as a couple by liking and loving is to dare to cross a new modern communication together and without a doubt with an extra touch of feelings that will not prevent you from looking towards the same horizon.