Couple relations in an enlightened society

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Couple relationships

In the new society, people unite as couples to have experiences together. Love is unconditional and duration is not a priority. In the new couple, people are completely free. They help each other to flourish as they can while respecting their respective limits, each one expresses himself easily and clearly.


New couples know that they don’t have to look outside of themselves for love, they don’t wait to be loved in order to love. They have understood that they receive the energy of love in proportion to their decision to love. They love their spouse as they love all human beings and all living things. They know that love is an energy and that it must be shared all over the planet, it is not exclusive to anyone. The motivation that drives people to be in a relationship is therefore not love, because they already give and receive love from everyone they meet. If they decide to be together, it is to share common tastes, whether recreationally, physically, socially or professionally.


There are no arguments in new couples, for the simple reason that in order to have an argument there must be two ingredients: fear and blame. However, they are not afraid, because they have understood that they are part of the whole and are totally loved. Everyone is linked to everything and everything links everyone. They know that they are souls first and foremost and that nothing can happen to a soul. There is no blame on their part either, as no one is guilty or responsible for what they are going through personally. Rather, they help each other understand and heal their individual wounds, if any remain. They invite the other to express themselves openly and freely, without judging them. They live in the most total compassion.

They have understood that they are responsible for all the emotions initialized in them by another person, whether it is by a word, a gesture or an action. They know that if they are going through an emotion of anger, guilt or fear, it is because they have something to understand. No one is responsible for other people’s emotions, but everyone helps each other to analyze and understand them.

All the emotions of anger and fear that a person may experience in connection with another person or a situation come from a hurt of lack of love in the past. This wound of lack of love comes from the fact that the person has not understood or felt that he is one with the whole and that he is loved unconditionally on an infinitely high level by the whole. She believes that she is separated at all and that she is not loved. She believes that she is not kind to others and therefore does not like herself. This last belief is very painful. It is the decision not to love yourself in a past situation that manifests emotional pain in the present. This is what the people of the new society understood.

In the ancient civilization, this fact is not understood. People feel vulnerable and in danger. They believe that if they are experiencing an emotion it is the fault of the person or the situation that triggered it. In the short story, at a very young age, children learn and feel that they are part of the whole and that they are loved unconditionally. They learn that they can’t blame anyone for their emotions. So the couples continue on the same path. So if there were still wounds, they would view this wound with a lot of wisdom knowing that it is there to make them see a part of themselves that they have failed to love. The partner will help the other find the decision that was made in the past and then change it. So there is never any need to argue.


There is no difference between a friend and a lover when it comes to love. The human being of this new couple loves all living beings equally, without limitation and without condition. The only thing that distinguishes the couple is the time spent together, the bond and the affinities. They are free to meet whoever they want, because they don’t belong to anyone. They don’t experience the fear of ceasing to be loved if they decide to do something for others or for themselves. The partner encourages the other to listen to himself in great detail so that he does what seems right for him. The spouse will never interfere in the choices of his partner.

In the ancient civilization, this freedom is impossible because everyone believes that love comes from outside to themselves. So if a spouse would like to do something for themselves that could hurt the other emotionally, they won’t. It is not to protect the other that he would not listen to his heart, but to protect himself. It is an endless wheel. Example: a man already in a relationship would like to go for coffee with a colleague at work. He is attracted to her. There is a force that drives him to want to know her and to interact with her. He knows that if he does, his wife will not be happy. If he listened to himself and did it anyway, she would be worried that he would no longer be loved. So there is a good chance that he will do it without telling his partner for fear of hurting her. Therefore, it is he who does not want to be hurt by the welcome that his partner would reserve for him if she came to know it. So the man will not follow his heart, for fear of no longer being loved by his spouse, because this love is conditional.

In this civilization very few really listen to each other. They say and do all they can to never be hurt by a lack of love. It is therefore impossible to be free and to allow the other to be free, because in order to experience total freedom, the person no longer has to wait for love from the outside. Paradoxically, the less the individual feels free, the more he wants to interact with people of the s*x that attracts him physically and s*xually.

With the couples of the new society, this behavior does not exist. If one of the two spouses feels that he must meet a person, he does so. In addition, he will openly talk to his partner about his discovery and experience. Couples always follow their heart’s desire and encourage each other to always do so. They experience such a high level of love together that they can never be hurt by an action the other will do for themselves. Thus, they live in love and the most total freedom. As a result, they do not feel the need to look elsewhere.


New couples are always transparent with one another, as there is no fear of hurting or being hurt. If one of the spouses experiences an emotion about a situation, the other accompanies it. Whoever experiences the emotion knows that it is created by him alone and that it is he alone who must understand it. In the event that a situation arouses an emotion for each of the partners, each will stop to understand his part, then they will allow themselves to discuss it together for their greater good and for the development of each. Whether in a context outside or inside the couple, there is no reason to hide anything from the other. Why would they do it if not for fear of no longer being loved?

End of union

When the couple decides to end their union, they do not cease to be united by the heart, they remain in unconditional love. There is no hurt, no bitterness, and no blame. There is no real breakup, because there is no pain. Like two people playing tennis together on a regular basis for a while, when the two agree that it is best to quit, the love between the two partners does not end.

Never will a spouse speak badly about the person they spent time with, and never say they were the wrong person on the pretext that they won’t grow old together. They recognize all the experiences they have had together and thank each other from the bottom of their hearts, because they know that what they have just had has made them grow.

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