Declare Your Flame: When and How to Open Your Heart?

When we have feelings for a person, and whether we are in a relationship or not, we necessarily want it to be reciprocal, and we do not want to keep this feeling for ourselves. On the contrary, we want to declare our love and be able to express what we feel in the depths of ourselves. However, nothing happens naturally because fears are gradually born, and we necessarily ask ourselves a lot of questions before revealing our feelings to a person. We want to find the best possible words, we want the moment to be the best possible and that the person to whom we are going to make this confession is on the same wavelength. To make this moment a magical moment, I guide you through this article.

Love is a wonderful feeling, it’s true, but sometimes it’s not easy to manage and share. I am one of those who consider that love can be learned and therefore the way of expressing feelings as well. Because you have to be wary, it is possible to make mistakes even when you think you are doing the right thing and in the end to instill doubts in the mind of the one you love.

My role is precisely to guide you to do as little as possible, but above all to allow each person to make their declaration of love in the best possible way. You will find that it is not that complicated and that there are tips that can help you play down.

Why declare one’s love for a person who makes us vibrate?

Confessing your love to a man or a woman is far from obvious, especially when you have loved this person for a short time. We can feel the need to open up about what we feel but on the contrary, we also think of the consequences because the fact of confessing his love can lead the other to ask questions about the relationship such as:

– Isn’t it going too fast?

– Do I not risk losing my freedom

– Does he / she really love me or is it emotional dependence ?

There are therefore negative aspects when we want to open our heart and come out in the open because it is to be courageous since we do not really know the reaction that our partner may have .. But they are counterbalanced by a lot of positive elements because your darling probably feels the same thing but does not dare him / her also to embark on a beautiful declaration of love!

Indeed, when the feelings are there, it is impossible to keep it to yourself and it therefore seems normal to want to declare your love for it . Even if you are a shy person, for example, you have to take the plunge and overcome your fears because even if this can cause doubts, most of the time this declaration will allow to multiply the feelings and bring in the relationship. in a new era.

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There is therefore necessarily this desire to please his / her partner. So when we wonder how to declare our love we don’t just want to say “I love you”, we try to do more to show them that this person has something special and to stand out from the crowd .

In reality, it is not only for us that we do, on the contrary. Confessing your love also makes it possible to please the person you love because very often you associate words with deeds. We are going to choose a magic link or a fantastic activity to shout his love for him! And that will make your story even more intense, even stronger.

However, we cannot stop at this explanation. Declaring love for a girl or a man can also be a more “selfish” action. Indeed, by opening his heart we hope that the feelings are reciprocal and that the other does the same because there is nothing more painful than unilateral love.

We want a statement in return and it is quite normal to have this expectation. When we decide for example to declare our love to a friend or a friend we have the hope that he / she sees us differently and that he / she gives us a chance. The idea is therefore to get out of the friend zone !

So sometimes we want to make the most beautiful declaration of love possible in the hope of awakening feelings in the other. What may seem logical obviously, however, is not necessarily effective.

When to declare your love?

You should know that the question that comes up most regularly is not necessarily how to declare your love but rather what is the right timing to do so. It is important to understand that not only are words important but that timing is just as important. Obviously, we often want to avoid wasting time, but we must not rush for all that.

A simple example that I see regularly in coaching: the fact of wanting to declare your love to a woman or a man who has just left us to rekindle the flame . In this kind of situation it is absolutely not the right thing to do because it is not your feelings that will make him / her come back. You can even go so far as to send the most beautiful poem to declare your love, but if it is not the right moment and it will not have the expected effect.

So concretely when to declare your love?

First of all, you have to be sure of your feelings and not just let yourself be controlled by love at first sight or by the idea that the person you love will love you even more if you confess your feelings to them. Appreciating someone is one thing, but declaring love for them is another. There are situations in which you still have to wait before opening your heart because in most cases it does not go as planned.

When you have just met a man or a woman on the net for example after 2 or 3 weeks of exchanges, a few meetings which went well, it seems strange and especially precocious to declare his love .

So even if there is no specific time to respect before confessing your feelings, it is not in a few days that you fall in love or fall in love. If you are already under the spell, tell yourself that your partner you met a few days before may not be as much and you have to accept it. Everyone has their own rhythm and especially their sentimental past which can dictate their amorous behavior .

So you shouldn’t want to go too fast and ask yourself too quickly how to declare your love for a girl or a boy. When you’ve been through things together, when you really know the other person and manage to take a step back at that point, you can tell if you feel more than attraction . This will also allow you to know what the other is feeling thanks to small clues and therefore to be in the right timing!

Declaring your love for a woman or a man too soon can create two difficult situations to control later and I assure you that it is better to avoid this. The first is that we will seem too acquired (e) and we will therefore leave all the control of the couple or the seduction to this other person. But you can also create a desire to take some distance because you put enormous pressure on your shoulders, even if you think you are doing well by revealing your feelings.

How to declare your love?

When we know what we have in our hearts, when we really want to declare our love to a man or a woman who does not leave us indifferent, we want to do it in the best possible way. There are different possibilities that can be used and some are more effective than others. But for that you must know well the person to whom you are going to make this confession because according to his behavior, you will have to orient yourself towards one of the choices suggested below.

Considering how to confess love is not just about determining what words to use, but also the context and how to express them. It is true that like timing, the medium that we choose can also be of crucial importance.

Should you declare your love by sms

Sending a message to declare your love is often what you choose to do. Whether it’s after a few weeks or months of a relationship or even after a breakup. We take our phone and make our statement using powerful words.

Even if the intention is good and the sentences used are good too, admitting to a girl that you love her or even to a boy in this way may not be the best solution. Unless you possibly are still in college!

Indeed, a text message can be quite impersonal between a conversation on your day and the other on your weekend program. However the shyness, pressure and distance that texting gives us can push us to use this technique.

A poem to declare one’s love: Romantic but sometimes tricky!

When you wonder how to declare your love for a man or a woman in an original way, you can think of going through writing to please them and stand out. Writing a poem to declare your love is a strong way to bring out or re-emerge emotions and that is exactly what we want in this situation.

It is however important not to make a copy and paste of a text which is already very well known or to be inspired by the first quotation which one finds on the net. We risk getting caught with our hand in the bag and the brilliant idea can turn into a real trap. It is good to write something yourself, incorporating anecdotes about yourself, using your little nickname …

Confess your love face to face

In my opinion, this is the best solution!

Some men who ask themselves the following question ” how do I tell a woman that I love her ?” and women who do the same sometimes don’t feel like “hiding” and want to see him / her. It is true that this is the most direct way because you can see his reaction instantly. If the other one bursts into tears and confesses his or her love to you, it’s the jackpot !!!

So to succeed in arousing emotions, rather than reading a sentence to declare your love , you have to stand in front of him / her, the reaction will probably be better. We can also combine this method with the one I presented just before. Indeed, reading a poem face to face can be a powerful way to make him / her react, positively obviously. The combination of these two tips is therefore the ultimate solution to declare your love!