How to Fight Depression: 15 Things to Try

You will therefore discover in this special file all the steps to understand, analyze, fight and overcome depression in love. If you have any questions or would like to come back to one of the aspects mentioned, do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page and I will answer you with pleasure. One last thing before starting, this file is very complete but if you still want to deepen the question “breakup depression” then I suggest you follow my program taken from one of my conferences that you will find here: how to rebuild yourself after the breakup .

What exactly is sentimental depression?

In general, it is possible to define sentimental depression as a feeling of depression that lasts over time. This feeling of sadness affects many people today. The causes that can explain this state of sadness and permanent pessimism are numerous. And more particularly a breakup, perpetual arguments with your half but also, disagreements that push your partner to take a break in the couple.

A depressive state in love therefore affects all areas of life through its repercussions. Because yes, if your depression comes from a breakup, for example, it is not only your love life that will be upset but also your professional and family life. A tragic event affects your thoughts day and night, if you suffer from these symptoms, and that is why you must act quickly to prevent the situation from getting worse and you losing all your means.

We generally feel grief, helplessness, pessimism takes more and more space and there is also sometimes a feeling of indifference, as if you can no longer feel the emotions you once knew. Consequently, people who are depressed after a breakup often tend to isolate themselves and not express what they feel to the men or women around them.

Be careful, a simple slack does not mean that you are depressed or depressed. Too many people who, following a problem and a slight drop in morale, say they are depressed. Sales of anti-depressants are exploding but is it really necessary to get there? Aren’t there other ways to deal with life’s difficulties? Can’t personal development or related disciplines be an effective alternative solution?

In my opinion there are, following such a painful period, men and women for whom the repercussions are such that they need therapeutic treatment, but often taking medication is not the solution to all evils, a book also takes up this theory and I invite you to read it to better understand this aspect, it is about getting out of depression without medication. This is why it seems important to me to provide information on how to overcome depression in love.

Why can we very quickly fall into a sentimental depression?

It is always tricky to say to yourself that you are in the midst of depression after a breakup, because somewhere it comes down to admitting your weaknesses and recognizing that your attachment to a person is such that you come to suffer for them. This is a terrible observation that upsets our psychological balance even more and very often  emotional dependence  is at the heart of this process which condemns us to suffer.

From what I have been able to observe with the people I accompany in post-breakup reconstruction, the main reason why you can very quickly fall into a love depression is denial of the breakup, to find out more about this phenomenon I suggest that you document yourself by reading my article on the question: understanding and overcoming the denial of a breakup. Overall the behavior is as follows: we refuse to believe in the separation and we then tend to minimize our discomfort and therefore to mitigate the consequences of the breakup.

The people around you do not realize this right away because they do not visit you from morning to evening, and in 90% of them it is during these periods, i.e. when waking up and in the evening. After 9:30 p.m. or 10:00 p.m., the demons of the breakup come out and you are at your worst.

By underestimating the effects of the separation on your morale, you will at the same time accentuate your discomfort. This is why breakup and depression are intimately linked. So the risk is to minimize things so much that we come to multiply the effects of romantic depression and it is then a vicious circle that is set up. Fortunately, even when the evil is deep, it is possible to adopt actions to go up the slope and to recover from this category of depression, as I explain it later. Nevertheless, it is essential to take the right measure of the effects of the breakup and above all not to neglect post-breakup depression or even an omnipresent sadness in love.

Depression in love is an illness that is too often neglected

As the main French post-mourning expert, I have spoken with thousands of people who have experienced painful ordeals in love. After a difficult breakup, I was able to see that there were consequences for the behavior of the majority of these people. Indeed, many had totally lost self-confidence and no longer had this self-esteem that is so important in everyday life, both personally and professionally.

It is clear that a break can break a human being like no other event. Most of them thought they were in depression and it was then that I realized how much this notion was overused and misunderstood.

Before going any further, it seems important to me to define what depression in love is in order to distinguish it from the classic depression used by the medical profession. This last notion has often been used wrongly and through to explain a simple morning slack, the fact of not feeling on your plate, or a little temporary depression. However, all this does not mean being depressed or depressed. Depression is a mental disorder that is characterized by weariness and dejection that forces you to do nothing for lack of strength and will.

With regard to depression in love, its effects are just as strong and powerful, but, in my opinion, it is not strictly speaking a mental illness because it has its origin in a more or less recent painful event. depending on the situation. Researchers have also highlighted that a breakup is experienced by some as mourning, with all the negative effects that entails.

However, depression in love and having a broken heart is still too often treated as a classic depression or even worse as a simple depression “which will pass with time”. However, sometimes it is not. Even if it must be recognized that the passage of time often reduces the suffering, unfortunately in certain situations it is the opposite effect which occurs and the more one progresses in the calendar the more the pain is important.

There is therefore a certain rejection of this form of ill-being or a minimization here again, but not of your doing, on the part of the people around you or even more generally on the part of society. For many, it is enough to go out and/or occupy the mind and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case… On the contrary, the risk is to isolate oneself and withdraw into oneself because one will feel misunderstood or rejected. If you are at this stage, I can only advise you to turn to a coaching session because personalized help is essential to get better.

If you have the impression that others no longer understand you and vice versa that you no longer understand the attitudes or recommendations of your loved ones, then the gap is widening. It is essential to regain the upper hand because you would then risk letting yourself be drawn into a romantic depression from which it will be difficult to get out. You absolutely must dialogue and try to make others understand that depression after a breakup does indeed exist, but that it also has specificities and that it is not comparable to other forms of depression.

In the same way, you should know that the signs of depression in love are sometimes quite specific and for this I wanted to present to you in detail the main symptoms of a big emotional depression.

The main symptoms of love depression

The symptoms of depression in love are quite classic and well known because they actually have a close link with the origin of the malaise, which is, let’s remember, the breakup. Sometimes it’s the misunderstanding that is at the origin of the bad feeling, other times it’s the fact of being rejected by your ex, but it happens that you yourself are the cause of your romantic depression.

Indeed, I receive many testimonials from people who are trying to get back together with their ex but who make a series of mistakes, and by dint of suffering setbacks it plays on their minds and breaks their confidence. Therefore, I wanted to warn you, when you want to get your ex back but you successively fail and some of the aspects mentioned below begin to appear, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions and to do not minimize the effects of post-breakup depression. In fact, to get out of a romantic depression, you have to have your head on your shoulders and fully analyze the context in which you find yourself.

For this, you must know in particular that there are physical symptoms and symptoms of a more psychological depression in love. On the other hand, contrary to what some may claim, there is no difference between a love depression man or woman, we are all equal in the face of love distress.

physical symptoms of depression

There are two types of physical symptoms that should alert you. First of all eating disorders but also sleep disorders.

I know I’m in love depression because of trouble sleeping

Waking up in the middle of the night or having insomnia can happen to any of us. But if it happens repeatedly, then you have a breakup sleep disorder. It can be considered as one of the symptoms after losing love. Extreme fatigue will be created and your face, your body will suffer as long as you have not regained regular sleep.

Always in the sleep disorders during a depression after separation, there is also an aspect which is at the same time physical and psychological: the fact of dreaming of his ex permanently. It’s such a delicate subject that I preferred to devote a special file to it, which you will find here: how to behave when you dream of your ex and it prevents you from sleeping.

Eating disorders sign of depression after romantic breakup

Are you never hungry or on the contrary do you eat more than usual? Eating disorders can be a symptom of romantic depression, moreover the gain or loss of weight caused by these dietary changes will have consequences on your figure and the image that you will send back to others.

These appetite disorders following post-breakup depression weaken your body and it is not uncommon for you to fall ill or for your body to suffer. Body aches, stomach aches and nausea often accompany depression in love.

At such times, don’t listen to people who tell you to force yourself because you can’t anyway. So you basically have to think about what makes you happy. If, on the contrary, you gobble up everything in your reach, try to set limits by asking that the food be hidden or that it be given to you slowly. However, don’t try to change everything drastically overnight, as this often does not bear fruit in the long term. After a heartbreak, you have to take your time but rebuild yourself sustainably.

Psychological symptoms of love depression

Although these symptoms are not visible it is however not too complex to identify them. You may have even been told that you were very sensitive, or you have even noticed yourself that you are losing personal confidence or that you are becoming pessimistic.

Breakup in love depression and anger an explosive mix

This is probably the major symptom after a breakup. Anger, irritability or susceptibility in other words all mood disorders that have increased over a certain period of time can be the result of love depression.

Very often it is your emotions and/or your nervous breakdowns that speak for you. This leads to relationship difficulties and the more you behave like this, the less your loved ones support you. However, their help is invaluable and therefore you absolutely must regain control. This does not mean that you have to smile again and behave as before, but it is essential to show that you want to get out of this bad patch and this depression following the breakup. The image that you will send back and your attitude will be preponderant in the support that your friends or your family will give you.

Breakup depression and lack of self-confidence

Denial is also an integral part of depression. For many people like you who are going through a difficult time, everything is as before, you do not consider yourself to be in a state of sentimental depression. One of the essential steps to combat this evil is therefore to clearly declare that you are suffering following the separation but that you want more than anything to get out of this situation.

Separation can affect your character and your self-confidence. Being left behind is a terrible ordeal, especially when you’re not psychologically prepared for it and you didn’t see it coming. Suddenly we go from a couple that we thought was solid to the question of how to get out of a romantic depression. The shock is hard and few people can take it because beyond the separation, your whole daily life and your way of life are upset.

Following such a painful event, countless men and women think that they are no longer good for anything and that they cannot make any other partner happy. However, everyone has their own expectations and it is necessary to tell yourself at some point that you can bounce back with someone else or even with your ex! Provided you change your mind of course.

Pessimism: a sign of depression following a breakup

Being depressed is also brooding all day long. Being inconsolable, being in a gloomy mood and romantic depression following a breakup, neglecting everything. The days go by and look alike and you don’t imagine that this period will end because whatever happens you always have your ex in mind from when you wake up to when you go to bed.

Nothing can change if you yourself don’t adopt a new state of mind. The priority when you find yourself in the middle of a romantic depression is therefore to find a minimum of motivation and to try to move forward. Flee all that is negative and try to straighten the bar gradually. Tell yourself that the glass half empty is half full!

The keys to overcoming love depression

You say to yourself I’m in the middle of love depression, what to do? My role as an expert in personal development is to help you identify your difficulties. However, unlike many advisors, I go even further in the analysis and reflection, because I am more precise and my reasoning is more pointed because of the experience I have gathered.

The first thing I wanted to tell you is that when you find yourself in this painful situation you need individual advice. In parallel, it will be necessary to practice sports activities in order to evacuate the stress that you have and to relocate your thoughts. Finally, my 3rd piece of advice will be not to be alone and to clear your mind as much as possible. In short, to overcome sentimental depression and regain a normal life, you must not try to isolate yourself.

Depression and rupture: apply personalized advice!

In addition to helping you carry out a correct analysis of your separation, I am able to provide you with precise and adapted solutions to fight against romantic depression and find love again. All of my advice is personalized so that you can get out of this bad patch and overcome your pain. It is essential that each recommendation is individualized and has a link with your story insofar as systematically identical opinions will not be able to change your situation.

Your story is unique and the advice you should be given should be too. It is for this reason that adaptation is imperative. It is essential that you do not let this disorder continue and that you benefit from a real method to fight against depression in love.

Certainly there are also pharmaceutical solutions with antidepressants but as you probably know it is extremely difficult to get out of this type of treatment. Some books recommend methods to get out of depression without medication, but sometimes that’s not all.

If your discomfort is too great and you need support, you can always combine medication and psychological support through coaching. However, treatment alone will not be able to help you get out of this bad feeling. To fight against romantic depression, you must not only understand it but also put in place actions, especially if there is still hope of picking up the pieces with your ex.

After a breakup, you need to release your emotions

The more you feel bad, the more you feel the need to stay at home and keep this discomfort. We are in a society where it is forbidden to show one’s weaknesses and to say when morale is not at its best.

However, fighting heartache means emptying yourself completely of your negative emotions to rebuild yourself little by little. This is why the first action is to focus 100% on the practice of fun activities that will bring you pleasure. These moments will allow you to completely relax your mind and body to regenerate yourself afterwards.

No mystery, self-confidence and state of mind will play a driving role in helping you get out of your negative spiral. I strongly recommend that you define a new self-motivation phrase daily that you will have to repeat to yourself several times a day (5 at least, preferably in front of a mirror).

By conditioning your brain to your success “I am able to forget it” or “I will do everything to lose my extra pounds and rediscover the pleasure of seducing”, you define your guiding line and find the mind that will allow you to regain personal confidence and definitively overcome this bad moment.

Sport is health, especially when you are in the midst of sadness in love!

Among my simplest but very effective advice, I recommend, in addition to individual support through coaching, to practice physical activity. Sport will allow you to clear your mind but also to focus on a goal and succeed in achieving it. There is no need to set the bar too high. On the contrary, it is better to set correct goals in order to overcome them.

In this way you will gain confidence in your abilities and you will be constantly evolving. Sport is a great way to counter depression in love to regain self-confidence! To fight pain and lack of self-esteem, nothing better than reaching your dreams

Get a change of scenery and don’t stay alone

You also need to leave your home as much as possible and if you have the opportunity to have a good time during the weekend or a short trip. A good breath of fresh air or a few days in the sun will allow you to regain your taste for life. However, I advise you not to go there alone so as not to get bored. You must indeed occupy your mind so as not to have the image of your ex haunting you.

For even more convincing results, I suggest you combine the three solutions: play sports outdoors after a good coaching session. To continue in your development, use your social circle, even if during a depression you want to be alone, your friends, your loved ones are there to help you. Share activities with them, find your life before and especially your smile.

Count on your loved ones to overcome post-breakup depression!

Last stimulating action to continue your momentum, never stay alone! I’m sure you have golden friends and family, so take the opportunity to rely on their talent when it comes to doing activities and forgetting about the breakup.

Getting out of post-breakup depression requires being armed to regain a taste for life. So nothing better than the moments spent with loved ones to forget the separation, your ex and the last painful weeks.

You now have actions to put in place IMMEDIATELY! Do not lose a minute. Above all, tell me in the comments what are your secrets for fighting post-breakup depression? Unity is strength !

Fighting depression in love: A question of decision?

The answer to this question couldn’t be simpler: YES!

You have the opportunity to fight your love depression by refusing this suffering forever. You have the power to decide to move forward in your life and overcome your emotional failure.

Whether it’s a delicate breakup, an experience with a  narcissistic perverse manipulator  or a celibacy that has been eating away at you for months or even years, there is a bright future in Love for each of you!

You just have to want it and put in place a series of actions that will allow you to gain confidence in your qualities and fixate on happiness!

Here are a few :

– Whenever you feel bad, I recommend that you let off steam whether it is through sport as seen above or through video games, a card game or anything else that will make you think of something else thing… It’s the best way to regenerate your emotions and make you feel better about yourself. The negative will give way to the positive thanks to the endorphin that your body will secrete. Thus, you will free yourself from the weight of sentimental depression.

– If you feel bad in the evening before falling asleep or during the day after having had a hurtful memory, all you have to do is take your smartphone, tablet, computer and go to youtube to listen to your comedian’s videos prefer.

– If you have a stroke of the blues during the day, make the decision to listen to music that you enjoy, which will give you a boost and put a smile on your face! Immediately remove depressing songs from your playlist.

– Erase all the memories that remind you of your painful experience and that led you to experience a painful love breakdown. Above all, you must not allow yourself to rethink a negative past. From now on you must go forward and never go back.

– Set yourself a life goal that will allow you to be fulfilled in your daily life. Remind yourself of this goal every day and fixate on it so that it takes over your current feelings and sadness.

There is always stronger than a sentimental depression!

If you doubt these actions today to help you overcome your sentimental depression, it means that you are accepting to suffer and that I can do nothing to help you overcome it. You are the only person capable of making the decision to find a sincere smile on your face and to forget this deep sadness that drives you.

To get out of my experiences of love depression, I remember having found refuge in an element stronger than Love.

First, there was my lifelong passion: human relations. Yes, my job as a Love Coach is not a surprise, I have often taken refuge in reading which has brought me a lot in understanding Love.

Secondly and I think it is the answer to your problem to fight a depression in love, the support of your loved ones, whether your family or your friends is ESSENTIAL to forget the negative emotions that drive you and to enjoy the moment. here.

Do not hesitate to reach out to them and take the time to tell them how you feel. They will always have the right words to comfort you and help you get better.

Of course, it takes time to get out of a sentimental depression and to smile again, but today you have all the solutions to get out of it. You just have to make the right choice!

I ask you to comment on this article because it is all together that we will be able to fight the great sufferings of Love and make fulfilling decisions for your future. Never let Love hurt you so know that I am here to accompany you and that there are SOLUTIONS to each problem.

One last thing… You can be happy without Love!

If I chose to do this job it is because I understood the importance of Love to condition our lives but above all to help those who wish to fight depression in love.

If your sentimental life is happy then everything will be fine, otherwise you risk sinking into the fear of never smiling after a depression of love to be happy. However, since 2007 I have helped thousands of men and women to learn to live alone and to be fulfilled in their daily life because it is the basis of everything.

You don’t need to have someone on your arm to be happy. On the contrary, it is necessary to be already single before you realize that you can develop your life thanks to the love of a companion or a partner.

Look around you, there are many friendships and professional experiences to be had to prevent you from sinking! I recommend that you take the time today to focus on the present moment, on your daily life, to enjoy each moment with a smile and with happiness in your sights.