Does Your Husband Make You Happy? Does he really make you happy?

Yes, it’s true, there are more unhappy people than happy people, and just look at the couple of your parents, some of your friends or maybe yours. These unhappy people are they not precisely those who endorse this adage and who succumb to it.

  • 100% of unhappy couples allow (explicitly or implicitly) this state of unhappiness
  • 100% of happy couples think differently and act accordingly

The obvious solution is then to change the way you see and approach the couple!

Here is a text that I see more and more passing on my Facebook news feed, I do not know who is the author of this text, but it speaks of the responsibility you have for your own happiness and that it does not depend of your life partner.

At a couples seminar at the University of Fresno, Calif., One of the speakers asked a woman in the audience, “Is your husband making you happy?” Does he really make you happy? ”

At that moment, the husband raised his head, completely sure of himself. He knew his wife would answer yes because she had never complained during their marriage. However, his wife replied with a thunderous “no”, a very emphatic “no”! “No, my husband doesn’t make me happy! Her husband was completely taken aback, but she continued:

“My husband has never made me happy and he doesn’t make me happy! I am happy. ”

” Whether or not to be happy is not up to him, but to me. My happiness depends on only one person: me. It is I who decides that I will be happy in every situation and at every moment of my life, because if my happiness depended on someone, something or some circumstance on the face of the earth, I would have to serious problems.

Everything that exists in this life is constantly changing: the human being, my wealth, my body, the climate, my will, pleasures, friends, my physical and mental health. In fact, the list is endless. I have to decide to be happy regardless of everything else. Whether my house is empty or full: I am happy! Whether I go out accompanied or alone: ​​I am happy! Whether I earn a good salary or not: I’m happy!

I am married today but I was already happy single. I am happy on my own. I call other things, people, moments, situations “experiences”. They may or may not bring me moments of joy or sadness. When a person I love dies, I am a happy person who experiences an inevitable moment of sadness.

I learn from passing experiences and live eternal ones like loving, forgiving, helping, understanding, accepting, consoling.

Some people say: today I cannot be happy because I am sick, because I have no money, because it is very hot, because it is very cold, because someone one insulted me, because a person does not love me anymore, because I did not know how to show myself, because my husband is not as I hoped, because my children do not don’t make me happy, because my friends don’t make me happy, because my job is uninteresting, and so on.

I love the life I lead, but not because my life is easier than the lives of others. It is because I have decided to be happy and I am responsible for my happiness. When I take this obligation away from my husband and anyone else, I free them from the weight of carrying me on their shoulders. Their life is much lighter. And that’s how I managed to have a happy marriage all through these years. ”

The moral of this story ? you guessed it: Never leave such a great responsibility in the hands of another person as taking responsibility for and creating your happiness. Be happy and happy, even when it’s hot, even when you are sick, even when you have no money, even when someone has hurt or hurt you, even when you are not loved or does not value you. A valid advice for women and men of all ages.