Don’t beg for other people’s attention, let alone their love

Don’t beg for love from someone who doesn’t have time for you, or someone who only thinks about himself. Never do it.

Someone who, through their  indifference , makes you feel like you are invisible and insignificant, doesn’t deserve you.

On the other hand, someone who gives you attention and alongside whom you feel important and present deserves you.

Love must be shown, but never begged.  If you end up begging for love, then you illustrate in the clearest way the emotional injustice, the imbalance of feeling that holds a relationship together.

Someone who acts more than they speak deserves you.

On the other hand, someone who is interested in you only when they need you does not deserve you; turn instead to someone who spends time with you when you need it, and not just when your presence by their side is in their best interest, to  someone who cares about you without expecting anything in return and who gives you an important place in his life.

Ultimately, it’s simple; the person you merit is the person having the freedom to choose, is close to you, you appreciate you spend time and think of you.

Lack of time does not exist, unlike lack of interest

They say there is no lack of time, unlike  lack of interest . Indeed, when people really love, dawn becomes day, Tuesday becomes Saturday and a moment becomes an opportunity.

We also say that the  more we expect from others, the more we are disappointed and the more we suffer.  Thus, we must review our expectations and tell ourselves that we should not expect anything from anyone, but everything from ourselves.

Because hopes and expectations are often (if not always) at the origin of emotional failures; if the others are not present then see it as a lack of interest.

As soon as we do not approve of the actions or words of others, we suffer. And emotional suffering works exactly the same as physical suffering.

We must therefore give psychological discomfort all the importance it deserves. When you have a strong stomach ache or a constant migraine, you don’t ignore it.

So  why should we ignore emotional pain?

We can’t let time heal it without doing anything more, we have to work on it and learn from it, just like we stop eating chocolate when we discover that it is the cause of our ailments. stomach.

This is very important because  people tend to believe, wrongly, that psychological discomfort is a sign of weakness , but also that  time will heal  emotional wounds without first having to be “disinfected” or use a bandage or cast to prevent bleeding.

Value yourself and love yourself

Devote time to the people who deserve it and who make you feel good.  Don’t beg for anyone’s attention, friendship, or love. Anyone who loves you will prove it to you sooner or later.

If you live in such an alarming situation of emotional injustice, remember:

Do not call those who do not call you and who neither answer your calls. Don’t look to hang out  with someone you don’t miss, and vice versa, if someone isn’t looking to hang out with you, you must not miss them.

Don’t wait for someone who isn’t expecting you, value yourself and stop begging and begging for love.

Indeed, as we said before, love must be shown and felt, but never craved. Your tenderness should be reserved for those who love you and who understand you without judging you.

And most importantly, don’t forget the value of your smile in front of the mirror, love and value yourself for all that you are, and not for what someone who doesn’t deserve you is making you understand.

Love yourself, and realize that just because someone is neglecting you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out of your way to surround yourself with people who value your presence in their lives.