Everything you don’t know about physical contact: the five forms

People are often portrayed as overly affectionate, sometimes inappropriately. What most of us haven’t yet learned is that physical interaction acts as a catalyst for our overall well-being.

According to psychologists, a 20-second hug can relieve any disturbed emotions smoldering within us. Physical contact is as necessary to the human spirit as the need for food and water. Human beings are inherently affectionate . Maybe that’s why being in touch is something we’re always looking for.

There are a few reasons why we need physical contact to exist as balanced individuals. The list below details the benefits of physical contact  explored outside of any physical engagement with other people:


Physical contact is the most basic form of human exchange. It is something that is not as natural for some as it is for others. But this has the same effect on everyone, once we come to understand it. It is said that human beings need physical contact every day because it awakens our emotional mind . This means that the energy exchange flows through us.

We often hear people say she has great energy and that is something that is reinforced through interactions. These involve cuddling and even cajoling to some degree. Physical contact therefore acts as a catalyst for connectivity .

Communication :

Physical contact can also be a substitute for communication . This can be seen when two friends pat each other or even exchange affectionate back rubs or comfort each other with unexpected forms of caressing. When people hug, it’s often in times of joy, sadness and, most often, happiness.

Communication through affection is the symbolic expression of one person’s love for another. It is necessary in family relationships and also provides a level of comfort that is shared in intimate moments.

When we reflect on those times, we remember the laughter shared while patting a friend on the shoulder. We remember what the words, ”  I’m sorry , meant as we held hands.

The energy exchange that we experience there is rooted in our memories and we associate this time with the feeling that results from it. It is no coincidence that the expression, actions speak louder than words ”, was born.

Positive energy: 

When we experience the transfer of positive energy from a person’s body into our own, it creates a sensation in our system that cannot be explained, only felt. This is called physical contact in the positive exchange. By allowing the energy of a happy person to touch us, we take that energy.

We are then able to transfer it to others, thus perpetuating a cycle of positive energy transfer. Think of it this way: have you ever felt a happy person walk into a room and fill it with lightness? It’s the energy you can feel every time that person hugs you. Or that she shows you affection.

The positive effect he or she has is illuminated by his or her presence and generated by transferring it to others. In this way, physical contact provides the basis for giving and receiving information among human beings.

When we shake hands with people, we get a sense of how they are feeling in the moment . Whether they are happy or sad, we can tell by how our system feels immediately after the handshake and we act accordingly afterwards.

The healing :

We lead such busy lives that we don’t have time for ourselves or for relaxation. This creates stress that reverberates through our bodies through stiffness in our muscles and fatigue . Just as a baby feels soothed after a bath, adults feel the need to heal through affection.

Think of the craving we have for that Thai massage or the intense body massage after a long and stressful week. As humans, we are sensitive to touch because it provides a sense of security for the body.

When we visit a traditional healer who uses forms of physical contact to calm the mind and realign our center, we can hear ourselves thinking more clearly. The healing powers conferred by physical contact trigger a utopian part of the brain.

This can send us into a deep sleep and free us from any tension we may feel. This is why physical contact is so important to the soul. It creates stillness in our systems and regenerates our natural breathing patterns which can be hypnotic at times.

The Opportunity:

Physical contact can be used to manipulate situations . Think of a time when you needed something from your sibling or friend and ended up hugging the person and asking them to do you a favor. When we’re in a business setting, negotiations often end with a friendly rub of the shoulder or a simple hold of the arm.

Many people learn to hone the skill of physical contact this way. It allows them to move forward in life and seize opportunities by using it to their advantage. Although they are sometimes judged on how they acquire certain needs, there is a lot to be said for those who are able to use physical contact as a means to achieve a goal.

Source : espritsciencemetaphysiques.com