Fear of suffering as a couple: Everything to fight it!

When we are a couple we often have this fear of the insurmountable couple problem , this anxiety that one day everything will become dark and that we no longer meet the happiness that we can currently experience. Despite all these good times spent together and despite the efforts of your man or wife, this fear of losing everything is stronger than anything and you are unable to move forward, you find it difficult to feel helped because your doubts take over. Fortunately, there are solutions to overcome this negative feeling.

You are taking a big step in this direction by making the decision to read this article, and by looking for effective advice. This proves that you want to fight this fear of suffering as a couple and that you want to move forward, which is a great thing because motivation and determination are going to be of crucial importance to fight the problem that is yours. currently. But how to act to put an end to it? How to understand it? What are the tips so that I can learn to trust in love again?

It is an article that is particularly close to my heart that I am delivering to you today because I know that many of you have suffered in love but you are still trying to get out of it, therefore my role as sentimental counselor is to encourage people who want to move forward but do not really know how to act to get there.


To fight any love problem, you have to understand its source so you know exactly which methods are the most suitable. There are different reasons that can explain this behavior, this fear of commitment and long-term relationships.

First of all, the first reason and which is also the most frequent is explained by a painful love past. Indeed, it is difficult to feel good in this relationship or we do not want to commit simply because in the past we had a difficult time with a breakup, suffering or misunderstanding.

Whether it is a betrayal, violence, many arguments, this story has left its mark and even if it dates back several years we can still have bad memories that influence the decisions we are going to make today. We assume that all men and women are like our ex and that we are bound to suffer sooner or later.

There is also a lack of confidence but which has always been present and which does not date from a painful breakup. You have always had a problem with self-confidence that makes you pessimistic by nature and even when you have an ideal relationship you are afraid, even when you have a good meeting you have a hard time giving it a chance. You don’t think you’re up to the job and therefore find it hard to see the positive side of love, which obviously creates some issues.


It is perfectly possible to fight this state which leads you little by little towards a romantic depression and finally to allow yourself to be happy or happy in love. But for that it will be necessary to act on several points and to change state of mind.


What you experienced months or years ago has nothing to do with what you can potentially experience today. A lot of men and women tend to compare or worse still make a transfer, which may seem normal after all, when you go through something that is difficult to digest you want to be sure you don’t go through the same thing again. .

Unfortunately this fear of suffering as a couple does not make you objective, you do not compare in the right way simply because you only see the negative and very often you are looking for the little animal. This attitude makes you miss a great story or at least a really strong moment for two. We must therefore completely change our attitude.

It is important to get to know someone well with whom you are starting a story. It is for this reason in particular that the place in which we will meet is essential, as is the duration during which we will discover the other.


When you are afraid of love, afraid of others, and therefore afraid of suffering or of trusting again, you have to be in the right conditions to find love and not put yourself in a situation where you are going. ask yourself 1001 questions. It is for this reason that from the start you must avoid places (real or virtual) where you can meet men and women who do not expect the same as you.

This means that it’s best to stay away from free dating apps, or dating sites where most people don’t want anything serious. It is possible to avoid a disappointment in love but for that it is necessary to act and to already make a “sorting” in the way in which one seduces is a good thing. It is important to give yourself every chance to find happiness in a serious way, if that is what you are looking for.


The key to moving forward in love is what we do on our side. Regardless of others, external opinions, it is you who must take actions to regain self-confidence. No longer having this blockage will help you in all areas of your life, be it sentimental, professional and even family.

Creating an individual development plan will be necessary and we will be able to do it together during an ideal personalized coaching to support you and put in place the right actions to raise your head and finally live in the happiness that you so deserve but that ‘you have to go look! To fight this anxiety, you have to act now and in the right way so as not to waste any more time.


The fact of knowing disputes and not to have a man or woman who will always copy is quite normal. Never forget that perfection is not of this world and the longer the relationship will last, the more you will have disagreements, divergent opinions, and tensions, this is also the life of a couple and it is necessary to accept.

If I am making this reminder, it is not to scare you, on the contrary, it is to make you understand that you should not panic as soon as your relationship takes a little worse off or that there are disagreements between you. Remember that you are different from each other and therefore each has different aspirations or desires. On the other hand, it is often necessary to make efforts in order to enter the world of the other to show him / her that one understands him / her. The more complicity there is, the more you will be able to fight against the fear of suffering as a couple.

You should not look for flawless love, the partner who has only qualities like in American films, you should rather go to a man or a woman who completes you, who brings you something new but also accept that sooner or later you will have differences which will be resolved thanks to the communication and to the feelings which one will have developed.

Alexandre CORMONT