For you the Man, from a Woman

For a long time, I was suspicious of you, man: “ don’t trust him  ”, “  watch out, he’s dangerous  ”, so many thoughts that made me distance myself. I looked for where it could come from, I heard the words of a mother who wants to protect her daughter from the pitfalls of life. But no sour or feminist speeches.

So I searched, without finding where this distrust of you came from, towards you, the man, is it due to what we are shown in the world with the conditions of women in certain places of the globe, is it the testimony of his women who were injured, tortured, or is it my line of female ancestors who warns me or the memories of all the women before me who have walked the Earth?

But this fear, this barrier that separates me from you to protect me really exists. Still, I have many male friends, but I make a distinction between a man in friendship and in love. My friends are my allies, but the men who come into my life with the potential to be part of it in the field of love are entitled to my ramparts of protection and my coldness, ready to pounce like a lioness, if you go beyond the borders of my territory, that is to say my heart, my body, my soul and my spirit.

A long work had to be done, a descent into me to contact all these images of wounded women, then I understood, I carry within me the collective of the wounded feminine. I accepted to be the repository of her wounds, her injustices, her sorrows… Like so many other women, by choosing to be born a woman, I took charge of these memories to transmute them, enlighten them, purify them…

But I was fighting against a wall, because every time I distrusted you, you man, I was just perpetuating the memory of the wounded feminine. I left you no chance to reveal to me your true nature, your masculinity, your greatness. You had already lost the battle with me, because I wouldn’t even let you approach.

When I realized this a flood of love poured into me for you, for you, man. I understood that our mistrust only engendered more differences. You are stigmatized, you are condemned without the right of reply . You already carry such a heavy burden with your male lineage. I discovered that many men are in turn repositories of the divine masculine , they are the change of mentalities, of consciousness… They carry within them the sensitivity, the aspiration to true love, to be recognized for what they really are and not for what they bring to the world.

I felt in the depths of my being, your need for love just as impetuous as ours. I lowered my arms to discover our beautiful completeness, our complementarity, we have the same aspirations…

I opened my heart, my being, my territory to let you in and discover who you really are. You are no longer the threat , but the warrior tired of so many wars who wishes to finally live and no longer fight.

My instinct pushes me to take you in my arms, don’t see it as a desire to heal you or fix you, but as a welcome, because I want to welcome you from heart to heart.

When I see you vulnerable, I too can be. I wanted so much to resemble you in your strength and your mastery that I in turn barricaded my vulnerability, hid my tears, ashamed to see them overwhelm me, thinking that it was not being strong.

Today, I know that to be vulnerable is to allow myself to be Me and I discover my strength there to no longer hide myself. I can stand tall and proud by your side, because I know that we are united in the same aspirations, we are no longer against each other , the stronger against the weaker, the power struggles have no more their places. We both have this need to lay down our arms, to stop fighting in order to rest and be accepted for who we really are.

Today I respect your strength, your animality because I discovered mine there. For a long time, I liked to portray myself as a decent woman with stereotypes, being sweet, not puckering, political correctness as the wild woman drummed inside me. I lost my zest for life in favor of the approval of society. Today, that I opened the door to him, I can embody the feminine in all its palette of colors, feelings and creations and welcome you in turn in your wild masculine who carry humanity instead of to crush.

I see you as a Sun that enlightens me and guides me outwards, you allow me by your presence to reveal myself as I am. I am in my turn, the Moon , who guides you in your depths, towards your emotions and your feelings so that you are reborn and discover the precious being that you are. We no longer have to separate ourselves by our differences because these, instead of fighting, can unite so that everyone can be the best version of themselves.

Know that I am always changing like the water that covers this Earth, I too need to take refuge in my cave, in nature to recharge my batteries. The other women are my sisters, my allies, there are no more competitions when you embody your sacred feminine. We understand that we are all bound by the great Goddess. Our ties strengthen us, allow us to drink from the source while feeling supported and recognized. In them, I can draw my strength to renew myself with each new Moon.

But from you, I reveal myself to the world . By your gaze, your words, your love, your touch, I am born a woman at every moment. I come out of my depths to show myself to the world. I feel worthy of being the feminine on Earth, as you are worthy of being the masculine . As you reveal to me, I make you discover the cycles of life, from rest to action, from contemplation to effervescence. My intuition blends with your visions to create the best and novelty. I would be a refuge where you can draw strength and clairvoyance. You will be my refuge where I will draw peace and contemplation.

We will be able to celebrate a new era where the man and the woman have really discovered each other. The two will become One, the harmony and balance of our differences will form the complete cycle that we have been missing so much. Because instead of distancing us or putting us in conflict, these differences will enrich us to discover each other, to create a new world. It will no longer be against each other between us, but with each other. Each will honor the unique being of the other, because there are no comparisons to be made, we are all unique.

Forgive me for my prejudices, they were only fears… And fears are born of ignorance. Now that I know who you are, there’s no going back. The man that you are becomes necessary to the woman that I am . Like Yin and Yang, we form the balance of a new world, our world and that of all that we will touch with our history, our influence, our love, our mutual respect, our joy at its long-awaited reunion.

I will no longer seek that you fill my gaps, because only I have the means to do so. I will no longer seek to change you, because it is your differences that marry my hollows. When misunderstanding arises between us, I will leave an open space to welcome who you are, without condemning you to not look like what I want. I will no longer seek to deprive you of freedom because love cannot be possessed, but is shared and grows without limits.

At the same time, I will no longer seek to fill your gaps or save you. Only you have the means and the duty to do so. I will no longer transform myself to be loved, because it is the unique being that I am that enriches me and that I have chosen to embody. I will no longer lose myself to the benefit of domestic peace, I will no longer doubt myself, I will no longer forget myself, I will no longer step aside for you. Because it’s too heavy a burden to impose on you. I honor myself and won’t ask you to do it for me again.

As you see, I learned to honor myself in order to be able to honor you . One is impossible without the other.

Even if the road has been long, our reunion has only more flavors.

Know that I would no longer make prejudices about you so as not to lock you in.

Without projections and without expectations, I will really discover you.

Thank you for being the man, for embodying this masculine without which I would not be a woman and I would not embody this feminine.