Forgiveness in love : When the heart is hurt, forgive or flee?

When the heart is hurt and we feel this unhappy twinge inside of us because sometimes there are days when we wish this story wasn’t ours. Where we would like to never have loved this person who awakens our darkest part of us. And that we already know that it will take a long time to recover.

There are all those times when the pain in love is so unbearable that the heart turns to resentment. This bitterness that makes our whole being resentful.

Watching you, listening to you is no longer in my field of possibilities.

And what should be done then?

What to say in front of you who didn’t listen to me, who only constantly pushed me around.

What to say in front of my mirror where I didn’t know how to be with you, where I didn’t know how to confess my anger to you, even my hatred at times.

And then when finally it’s time to look, to look at yourself. And to accept that what is happening was for me, so that I can move forward.

And that if I want to see the light in this darkness, I will certainly have to let myself go, let myself slide into the water and finally look at the opening to direct myself there.

Is there a possible forgiveness in love? When the heart is hurt, forgive or run away?

Forgiveness is a stage of life for oneself and for the other. How then to enter this journey to move forward and finally see liberation?

When forgiveness is also mindfulness for his everyday life with his partner. How is forgiveness an appointment of love?

Forgiveness a collective letting go


More and more psychology practitioners are working on forgiveness with their patients.

Many will say that forgiveness would be a matter of belief, of faith. But if we go back to the simple essence of the word, we can clearly see its full meaning: PAR DON or PAR ‘D’ON.

In this word the profound nature is revealed. We identify the common sense with the part of the word DON and the ON .

The gift of self seen here as an abandonment of the ego.

In this sense, there is simply letting go that is revealed. We forgive by detaching ourselves from our ego, our mind which sometimes makes us stay in the flow of the sounds of suffering.

Forgiveness in its detached particles: BY the ON makes us enter into the common agreement which is to bring each other the share of deliverance.

Forgiveness is a liberating act.

When you go around in circles in your suffering, there is no other solution than to forgive in order to finally breathe for you.

The gift aspires to find a peaceful silence within oneself.

How many of us are ruminating for days, weeks, months, even years, situations, people who have made our hearts sad, hurt.

The grief that happens in a breakup of any kind: romantic, friendly, family, professional, social is a major inner tear.

How then can we agree to come to forgiveness in love? Stay in revenge or forgive? Flee or forgive?

Forgiveness, a return to the I of love.

Forgiveness is not forgetting. We must already be aware of this. Indeed, deciding to move towards forgiveness does not mean that we are going to put all heartbreak aside. Not to decide to forgive in love is to look at yourself in love and at your past partner.

Forgiveness is a return to oneself. It is interior. It then eliminates any share of guilt, judgments, rancor, suffering that clutters our hearts.

He invites us to return to our I of love.

Forgiveness also shows us what is our part of responsibility and what is his part of responsibility? He shows us our history in love.

And sometimes if it’s not the question of responsibility, it’s quite simply thanks to this personal work which can last a long time, which allows us to become aware of what are my limits and those of my present or past partner?

To forget, to flee is to extinguish one’s emotional part of life.

If we silence our emotions through revenge, flight, we silence our I of love, our I of love in the general sense. We lose our place. We extinguish our love for ourselves, for the other and we risk reproducing this pattern very regularly.

To forgive is to say I love you and I love you to the present or future partner in conscience.

It means telling myself that I become aware of the pain I have experienced, I welcome it, I accept it and I keep my emotional world which is vital.

Very often when we say I will never forgive him, we simply say to ourselves that we do not forgive ourselves and we use the most universal strategy there is, namely survival. We survive everything.

We don’t live, we survive and we overshadow all the emotions that this situation leads us to live in full consciousness.

So yes, it’s not always easy, even human, to agree to forgive what could be the unforgivable.

But to remain in the role of the victim, of the martyr, is to blame oneself after a certain time, it is to die with one’s life and one’s love. It is to forget oneself and the other who is on our way of becoming love.

When we suffer and the world listens to us, consoles us, heals our wounds, we remain in a phase of life where healing and forgiveness are not authentic.

You have to know how to pass this wave and look at the light in front of you.

To forgive in love is also to IMAGINE, TO FEEL, when it is not possible to do it concretely for oneself and for the other, that we hold hands and move on.

It is to project into one’s consciousness this liberating act of forgiveness. Holding hands, carrying out this rite of passage in real life or in thought, but putting it in your consciousness to move forward.

And then there are those forgivenesses within our love story which are acts of love and bring the couple into full trust.

What form can these daily forgiveness take?

Forgiveness, an act of love for two.

The Excuse of Love in Full Confidence .

My love, I apologize for pushing me lately. I forgive both of us this flood where we stagnate in ignorance, or desire for the other.

Let’s get back to the two of us, then, through intimate and sensual forgiveness.

Find the meaning of our meeting. To rediscover the consciousness of our intimate love.

Forgiveness is an appointment that unites the intimacy of two hearts.

It creates the relationship.

Some will say that forgiveness neglects the part of the relationship and hides all the responsibilities from the person who is the main author. This could indeed be a part to listen and understand.

And it would be up to the therapists to know the dosage of forgiveness and how to apprehend it.

Here I will talk about forgiveness in the love relationship, everyday forgiveness when two beings who love each other sometimes get lost? Forgiveness to avoid drowning. Forgiveness to FIND YOURSELF.

Forgiveness in the act of love is accepting to caress the man and the woman who are on the way.

It’s communicating when possible, it’s getting closer in the body when we let go.

It’s covering the intimate space with a deep gaze in an instant and telling your partner I’m here, we forgive each other and we continue.

Some will prefer to remain in silence, others will talk for hours to pass the stage of forgiveness and then others will forgive themselves in the carnal and sensual encounter .

Look at you in forgiveness in silence.

Speak words of forgiveness to you.

Caress you in forgiveness.

Send you kisses in forgiveness.

Make love to you in forgiveness.

Love is a healer in all these forms. It’s a very strong resilience that drives us forward.

And this is where all the transformation happens in the couple.

Forgiveness in love places the two partners in mutual trust.

When violence and manipulation are not the essence of the couple, then small daily forgiveness can have their place in the heart.

Sometimes we are not in the same place of consciousness, in the same thought with our partner, we project things and desires for the other and this can slow down the progress of the couple hand in hand.

So we have to forgive these differences in temporality, in consciousness because we are two different beings with two different intimate entities.

But that does not prevent you from loving yourself and accepting forgiveness in your daily life by showing love to yourself, by being love, by letting your emotional field develop in all its vibration.

To show love in our deep gazes, in our embraces.

When you run your hand through my hair, when I put my hand on the back of your neck and the forgiveness in a kiss certainly remains the most luminous act of love for his life.