Gestures of affection have the power to change everything

Gestures of affection have the power to change everything when the moment comes. This is why it is good to always have the following message in mind: do not put off kisses, hugs and hugs until tomorrow when you can give them today, because they translate into smiles and hugs. complicity… and that’s wonderful!

These are physical gestures that translate into kisses, warmth and contact, but also in complicity, love, respect and friendship. Indescribable moments, magical and full of contagious tenderness that spreads through sensitivity and emotional fulfillment.

The kiss I reserve for you threatens to fly away, to come out of my lips and seek you or get lost in its attempt to find you.
-Ligia García y García-                                                                     

Emotional contact, the basis of our well-being

Emotional contact helps us love ourselves. This is a statement that is as categorical as it is real. When others show that they love us, we get this wonderful message: we deserve love.

This is why we often talk about the fact that affection is never excessive. Giving love means making a soul wonderful, sharing intimacy, being deep, conveying understanding, alleviating pain, and collecting reasons to reward the world with our smile.

Thousands and thousands of years

Couldn’t be enough

To say

The small second of eternity

Where you kissed me

Where I kissed you

A morning in the light of winter

At Parc Montsouris in Paris

In Paris

On Earth

The earth which is a star.

-Jacques Prévert-

Knowing that we are loved is one of the most beautiful sensations that exist

Knowing that we are loved is the feeling that keeps us upright during tough times. As we have said many times, sometimes what saves us is something as simple as a gesture of affection .

So, let’s say once again that a little affection can fill a heart with happiness.  Without a doubt, knowing that we are occupying someone’s mind is comforting in the social, emotional and cognitive.

Don’t put off until tomorrow the affection you can offer today

Giving affection is like seeking a destiny and staying, even if it is only for a few seconds.

The heat travels the world looking for someone to accompany in the transition that is life, during a bad time or a stroke of luck full of joy.

Hugs, kisses, words of comfort and every little gesture of tenderness keep in them endless explanations that transform the relationship into a source of energy , maximum trust, closeness, contact and desire.

Affection revolutionizes our bodies and makes our brain a real springboard to happiness, balance and relaxation. This is so because we make this absolute and shared dedication a place of inner peace and intimate connection.