How about talking about self-confidence and love?

Every day I always tell myself the same thing ”  We are in a society where we never talk about love or self-confidence “.

Self-confidence is the assurance that one has in his capacities as well as in his aptitudes. In our society, the majority of men and women are exaggeratedly concerned with the gaze of others. Therefore the opinion of a third party or even a stranger is likely to block you or make you doubt.

However, by having confidence in yourself , it is much easier to overcome your fears and the criticisms of others because you know better than anyone what you are capable of achieving. You know your capacities as well as your needs but it happens that you do not dare to express them, thus creating an obstacle to happiness.

You have the right and I would even say the duty to do everything possible to live the life of your dreams and no one should come between you and your goals.

To be totally happy, you have to know how to question yourself when the moment calls for it. For example, if it sometimes happens that a member of your entourage blames or criticizes you, justified or not, and your reaction is to withdraw into yourself, it is because in a certain way you agree to let it go. However, it should not be so now. If you want to achieve happiness, you have to be able to face anyone.

This is why with  the self-confidence gained, you will no longer feel overwhelmed by blame. It is not possible to be happy alone in your corner, on the contrary, you have to open up to others. True happiness is shared and self-confidence allows self-criticism to identify the faults to be erased and remedy them as soon as possible in order to be able to never lose self-esteem.

Self-confidence, essential in all areas

Happiness must be total and for that, you must not neglect any aspect. The goal of self-confidence and that you are fulfilled in all areas of your life.

First of all in your professional life. You spend more than half of your time at work and you should feel at ease there. Of course stress is inherent in any activity but you must be respected. Self-confidence allows you to impose yourself on your colleagues, not to constantly submit to the decisions of others, to have strong nerves in front of your boss when the latter scolds you. Just because he is one of your superiors does not mean that he has all the rights or that he knows more than you about a certain point and even about the work you do.

On the other hand, feeling good about yourself is essential when it comes to love life . When you are in a relationship, you can more easily assert yourself and thus make the decisions that you like. You must nevertheless systematically consult your partner but you must also be, at some point, in a position of strength to impose yourself.

The confidence is just as useful when looking for love. Appreciating your own image will send a positive message to individuals of the opposite s*x, which will attract them much more easily.

Self-confidence and emotional dependence

The emotional dependence is one of the worst scourge of love life. She interferes in the life of the couple and suddenly makes the relationship more and more strained as she grows up with one of the partners. Its particularity precisely causes tensions because it creates a gap in the common desires, one feels a permanent need to be reassured while the other feels stifled in the relationship and no longer recognizes the person with whom he / she was.

The dependence in love is doubly harmful because it not only affects the couple but it hits even harder the one who has to live with it because it is synonymous with loss of self-confidence and causes an exacerbated emotionality.

It goes without saying that to effectively combat emotional dependence, it is essential to really know and understand it. It is just as essential to know how it manifests itself and what are the close links between it and happiness but also self-confidence.

Confidence in oneself and in one’s abilities but also in one’s personal value is essential, both in terms of married life and in everyday life. It is when you feel less serene that there is a risk of losing your footing and putting yourself in demand vis-à-vis your partner or partner.