How to know you are dating a narcissistic pervert?

The behavior of a narcissistic pervert during se*ual relations can be a real danger for the victim. Why ? The narcissistic pervert always wants to have control in the relationship, so even in sexual relations. That is, if you give it too much control, it can get really, really dangerous.

Have control over what exactly? He will have control over your body, but also over your thoughts through psychological manipulation. Unfortunately, this can go a long way with a narcissist. In fact, you are never entirely safe as long as you are around this toxic person. I am going to share with you the danger that must be avoided at all costs!

How does he make love? The danger that must absolutely be avoided during se*ual intercourse with a narcissistic pervert!

He makes love using his secret weapon ”  manipulation”  so that the victim can fulfill all his desires. As you know, he is a very dominant person in the relationship and therefore also in sexual relations.

So, what is the biggest danger with a narcissistic pervert when having sex? It is psychological violence . Often, the narcissistic pervert will tend to force the victim to follow what he wants against the person’s will.

In my opinion, this is probably the biggest danger to avoid because from then on, if you give him control to do whatever he wants, then he will do whatever he wants without hesitate . He manages to do this by words to ensure that the victim finds himself in a situation of being forced to do something and being imposed by the PN.

When we talk about being “obligated”, we are talking about rape. Being forced to do something during sex is rape, regardless of the situation or context. What is extremely important to understand is that rape is not necessarily just physical, because there is also psychological violence which really exists and which does much more harm. I explain to you…

Physical rape repairs itself after a while, because the body has this incredible ability to repair itself. The problem with psychological rape is that it cannot be 100% fixed. Then, it takes a lot of work to do on yourself that takes time to recover from, but not completely…

What is psychological rape? Here is an example; if you say no to the narcissistic pervert and your request has not been heard and therefore you are forced to do what he wants against your will, it is psychological rape. Not having been respected can even cause long-term trauma.

But know this… You have the right to refuse all requests from the narcissistic pervert. There is no obligation to sleep with your partner, even when the relationship is going well. A woman or a man who does not want a sexual relationship, it is entirely his right. You have the power to choose, but sometimes we need support in a difficult situation like with the narcissistic pervert.