How men think in romantic relationships

Relations between men and women are not always excellent and incomprehension often reigns supreme!. Not that there is a war between the two s*xes but quite simply that the understanding is sometimes difficult, do not we say that the men come from Mars and the women from Venus! We must therefore recognize that dialogue is not always easy and that we have all already experienced certain difficulties in making ourselves understood.

We tend to say that women do not know what they want, that it is impossible to understand them and achieve their desires. I will not hide it from you Ladies for the majority of men it is not easy to know what your needs or your expectations are. However, would not men also have this side which is a little difficult to define? How easy is it to understand men and meet their needs?

In view of the large number of women that I have accompanied since 2007 following their difficulties in understanding their half or during the seduction phase, it seems easy to answer this last question. And I realized that you ask yourself a lot of questions about men, whether it is to seduce them or simply to understand the one who shares your life. Depending on the stories, the sentimental past, the person, the questions evolve and are not the same. However, there are 3 main issues that I was able to identify during my coaching sessions. In order to know how men think and to be able to move forward in your romantic life, you must know the answer to these 3 essential axes.


It is time to be really happy in love ladies, you have the right to happiness but to achieve it you must be able to take the initiative to achieve it. You are already taking an important step by coming to this site. It is indeed necessary to take things in hand and the advice of a man will allow you to get into the head of the one who shares your life or this man whom you want to crack.


Obviously, one of the main problems that women can experience is that of seducers who only want a game of legs in the air. You are looking for a stable, healthy relationship that is not just based on physical attraction. This is why you wonder if s*x is a priority for a man in a relationship. It is not always easy to tell the difference between a man sincerely in love, who wants to live a real love story, and a good talker .

However, you shouldn’t view s*x as a problem. If you follow my philosophy, if you read my many articles as well as my books, you know that for a strong couple it is a set of elements that you must bring together. They are all linked to each other and necessarily s*xuality is part of it. Thus, trust, communication, moments for two are essential and inevitably s*x is also an integral part of this explosive cocktail!

On the other hand, s*x should not be the only priority but it is one of the elements that should not be neglected. A man has a libido, that is to say desires, which are expressed perhaps more often than yours, but it is not necessary for all that to have a bad image of this intimate moment, which is to be love and have fun.


Usually when a woman wants to know what men think, she wants to know if the one with whom she is having a relationship is in turn in love. Indeed, this is a problem that many of you are experiencing, you are not sure about his feelings. You should know that men do not necessarily tend to express what they feel, or at least they do it in a different way, which may not be what you expect. So you wonder if it’s a good idea to invest in someone who doesn’t love you as much as you love them.

There are also the cliches which do not help you ladies to have a good image of most men. They prefer their friends and a good football game, they only think about s*x (hence the first question), they are incapable of being faithful …

Obviously, there is no smoke without fire and many men are not white as snow. However, generalizing won’t help you make him fall in love or build a strong couple. It is important that you focus on your relationship, forgetting what other women around you, whether it be your mother, your sister or your best friends, may have gone through. There are clear signs to know when a man starts to tie up .

Thus, if the latter hears from you, is interested in what you say to him and above all remembers your words, when he takes care of him because he knows that you are going to see you, then you can consider that there is at least a nascent attraction!


Wanting to know what men have in their heads concerning love is also to wonder what this feeling represents for them. The difference between men and women is not just biological. We have two different visions of certain notions and the love life, the way of expressing feelings and seeing love is part of it. While a girl confides in her friends, a man will tend to remain discreet and not talk about his married life to those around him.

However, do not imagine that what is different is necessarily the opposite. You may have a certain opinion about how a two-person life should be and your man is another, but that doesn’t mean you can’t combine the two and create a couple in your image.

Love is just as important to a man as it is to a woman, but it just might not be the same to you. No man wants to be alone, even the greatest seducers get bored and want to live a long and beautiful story. It is an incredible feeling which can certainly cause suffering but also bring the most beautiful emotions in a life and that one is a man or a woman.