How the Akashic Records Can Help You on Your Life Path

The Akashic Records, or the reading of your past lives, are a real source of information on the entire history of your soul, which helps you to understand your life path, your life mission and many recurring or non-recurring situations. of your life.

They represent the great universal library of all vibrational energy information that has unfolded since creation.

All of the information specific to your soul is recorded in the pages assigned to it and which record all of its evolutions in the astral.

They contain the sum of all the knowledge, thoughts, words, actions, emotions that a soul has faced in all its lifetimes.

They are the past, the present and the unfolding possibilities of future events depending on the choices we make.

It is a sacred energy that heals and transmutes.

This space can be read by mediumship through the channeling of these archives.

When I make trips to the Akashic records, in order to get in touch with your Guardians of your records, the messages often relate to the same themes which reveal your messages to you for a precious help in your current life.

Understand why your soul chose your home environment.

Knowing the source of your emotional wounds, related to past or current incarnations, and knowing how to heal them.

Reintegrate the potential of your soul’s most successful lives, its qualities and its knowledge in order to use them in your current incarnation.

Free yourself from your limiting beliefs and thus embody the highest version of yourself.

Develop your intuition, your gifts and your talents.

Understand the soul ties that unite you to others.

Soothe your relationships with others, perform better at work and raise your children better.

Understand the meaning of your physical illnesses.

Have you ever had the strange feeling of having ever been to a place that you know is unknown to you.

To have already met a person?

Do you have the feeling that you have already experienced repetitive situations and do not know how to overcome them?

Do you feel hampered by unconscious obligations, “soul contracts” that create knots or blockages in your current life?

You want to know your past experiences, your talents to know what can bring well-being to your soul.

Do you need to free yourself from a weight or karmic ties that you predict will be present in your life?

You have strange sensations in relation to recurring dreams or unpleasant perceptions of situations (night terrors, phobias, incomprehensible pain.).

You feel the need to know your past lives because you feel deep in your soul that this is very important for your current consciousness.

Receiving the messages from your past lives is a rich revelation from your soul about your potential, experiences and abilities.

It is an open window on your soul to accompany you with more serenity in this current life and to understand your life path.

To know the teachings of your past lives is to deepen your inner knowledge to better guide you, help you or soothe you in your current life path.

From my shamanic journeys of reading the Akashic annals, I go back into the history and memories of your soul to browse the Akashic Book that concerns you.

I give you landmarks from past lives that mark experiences in your current life.

I give you the keys to untie knots or past wishes that can be blockages or brakes in this current life.

I send you the information concerning the links of family memories that can take place between you and your loved ones.

Dare to discover your past lives, not to find out if you were a star or a celebrity, but to grow better in this life with peace, spirituality, awareness and to move forward in the accomplishment of your current life path and mission.

Your free will gives you all the possibilities to move forward in confidence and in light.

You will thus be able to move forward, evolve, free yourself from what no longer suits you.

You will finally know how to unlock and overcome blockages, you will have answers to your questions, to your personal, professional and spiritual development.

You will thus be able to act freely at all levels of your life, personal, professional, family, relational and material.

The Akashic Records are a true and powerful soul healing tool.

These messages will help you remove the blockages that slow you down, the limiting beliefs, the negative memories that prevent you from evolving.

Receive the information necessary for your highest good in all areas of life, personal, family, professional, material, mental, physical, spiritual, emotional.

Clean up harmful connections and toxic situations with other people

Release sealed karmic contracts with yourself or others