How to Avoid Destructive Behavior in Your Relationship

Infidelity, violence, lies, since you’ve been with this man, your daily life has seemed like a nightmare. It’s simple, past the first days which were absolutely idyllic, you can no longer trust yourself and especially your partner, but you love him and you would like the situation to be better because everything is not black no more. On Monday everything is bad but on Tuesday he is adorable with you. As a result, this permanent yo-yo affects you and your morale takes a hit after each argument. This situation is no longer bearable for you and your dream is to ease tensions and relive complicit moments.

Despite all the negative surrounding your story, you still have strong feelings, if you haven’t broken up yet, if you still want him to come back to you, if you constantly take the first step, it’s because you are guided by love and hope. Nevertheless, you come to doubt yourself and you still wonder if it’s a good idea to constantly forgive him for his deviations. Isn’t it better to get out of your clutches and turn the page once and for all? How to improve your daily life when you decide to stay with an egocentric and narcissistic man?

Living with a destructive man and getting carried away with the relationship is no longer acceptable, you have to face it. For that you need to be accompanied in order to find a little sentimental tranquility and no longer let yourself be destroyed by the behavior or the hurtful words of the one who shares your life. It is now that we must act in order to put an end to this situation as soon as possible.

What is a destructive man?

There can be several definitions depending on what you are going through. Men of this type are not always aware of the consequences of their behavior on their wives. For some of you it is his repeated infidelities that destroy you, he often sleeps out, he talks to women on social networks, he has even registered on dating sites and browses on them quietly while you are in the salon. For others, he is a violent, insulting man who constantly belittles you. There is also the sickly jealous who monitors your every move and prevents you from flourishing.

Even if these men do not all fall into the same category, they are all a brake on your happiness and your joie de vivre. This is the definition of a destructive man! He’s a guy who doesn’t respect you and who, despite the fact that you’re in a relationship with him, doesn’t make you happy and worse, makes you suffer. It is important to understand this well so as not to make any amalgams, it is not because you argue with your man and he has harsh words towards you that he is necessarily a bad person.

Harmful men are not representative of all men, you must understand and accept it. I had to remember it because because of some  narcissistic perverse manipulators  some men can’t find love because women don’t give them a chance for fear of suffering again.

He makes me suffer but I love him, how do I get out of it?

When a woman goes through this kind of ordeal in love there is unfortunately a problem of emotional dependence that accompanies it. Despite everything he does, you constantly come back to him, you forgive him everything and love is not the only justification. The fear of celibacy and/or your emotional needs are elements that must be taken into consideration if you want to understand where the addiction can come from.

To have a fulfilled life as a couple, but also and above all, to learn to stand up to it and set limits, you have to get out of this addiction and no longer let yourself be controlled. I know, easier said than done especially if you are under the influence of a violent man. In order to have the necessary space and take the time to rebuild yourself, you must appeal to the competent authorities in order to protect yourself and stop feeling guilty. For too long you have neglected yourself, you have found excuses for him even if it means making you feel guilty, now it’s over, he must realize his actions. By making him face his responsibilities you will make him realize that you can react, you will not fight but make him understand that he cannot continue to treat you like this with impunity.

Not everyone who reads this article is in this situation and does not need to go to the authorities to report a problem. You have to be more inaccessible and not just let him come back without doing anything. You too need to have a social life, go out and not always expect it. Many of you don’t do this and stay at home hoping things will change, but it’s important to take initiative and fight this fear with drastic action. In order to help you put in place an effective strategy, I reserve time slots for you daily to carry out an analysis of your story and give you my point of view on the situation and find solutions.

Should we break up or give him one last chance?

In the many comments you leave you often face a dilemma, you don’t know exactly what decision to make. Reason would have you leave him, but love compels you to stay and give him another chance. In order to know what is best for you, you must first not rush into making your decision. It doesn’t matter if it’s the separation you choose or not, you should not go too fast and go headlong. You are probably wondering why, simply to avoid regrets.

This is the time to ask yourself the right questions, to list the “pros” and “cons” so as to have your ideas black on white and better reflect on them. It is a personal decision that you must take without being influenced by your relatives or any outside element.