How to create a magical moment in a long distance relationship?

Following some texts that I shared on the Facebook page on a long-distance love relationship that I have had for a few weeks with one of the site’s collaborators, we received a lot of positive comments on our long-distance love story, which she was inspiring and gave hope in love.

To solidify our love bond, and to continue to inspire you, we have together created a personal blog of our relationship, like a real-time romance novel of our long-distance love story.

A long quality time together

To fuel our relationship, despite an ocean that separates us, we send each other short written messages, audios, photos, videos, sensual GIFs, visios, etc. We make love with the tools that technology offers us, in psychic connection and using our erotic imagination. This is how we built the beginning of our relationship and how we develop the strength of our unique bond.

These are all small quality moments that we adore and cherish, but in a relationship, long distance or not, it is important to have long quality moments that take us out of our daily lives. Like all couples, we have to deal with our schedules and our availability to spend unique and magical moments together.

Last weekend, she didn’t have her children, she was available, me too. My girlfriend is lucky because I’m a creative and looking for ways to create delicious moments despite our biggest obstacle, distance.

Since we are at the beginning of the relationship, and the bond that unites us is stronger and stronger, I proposed a moment of exchange with photos of our childhood, adolescence and others. By taking great care to choose photos on which we had a piece of our lives to tell, to share.

From humor to tears, this long quality time together was unique and rich in emotion. We had a glass of wine, ate our first meal together, shared our life stories and even took a moment to dance together to disco music, all in front of the camera, as if we were on a dance floor. together, with this naughty little advantage that the camera was at an angle where I could see under her skirt 😛

Despite the distance, during this quality time together , we had the feeling of being next to each other, to the point that we felt like we were tasting each other’s lips with each of our kisses.

Like any good quality time with the one you love, with a little wine and a very strong emotional connection, the last hour together was very hot, sensual and erotic, as if we were really together to make the love.