How to Deal with Fear and Anxiety

Being afraid is a natural reaction. It is also positive to be afraid in certain circumstances, because it is a driving emotion: it will be positive in certain circumstances and will even allow us to go beyond our usual capacities.

But fear can also be a brake and constitute a blockage in other situations. We will call it negative when it harms our progress, our projects. At that moment, it is necessary to know how to understand it and to go to its source to free oneself from it.

Freeing yourself from an emotion is not denying its existence. Nor is it to reject it altogether, as something bad.

Because fear is not really negative. She is neutral. It’s how we react to it, how we approach it that will be positive or negative. In other words, it is exclusively our own state of mind that will act on this emotion.

It must therefore be understood, accepted and finally analyzed. Look for its source and understand the reason for this feeling.

When it comes to create blockages that can harm our projects, our desires, and others, it will be experienced in a harmful way. And only appeasement, calm, relaxation, can offer us the opportunity to work on it until it becomes beneficial for us, or at least, until it ceases to be a brake. We can fear several things:

  • the unknown,
  • The novelty,
  • What we do not control.

And all the other fears will then be linked to this basic fear. The one who generated the others.

As for the positive: the more positive we are, the more we see around us, the more we are afraid, the more we find reasons to be afraid. Nevertheless, it is in us that it is. It has no consistency and no field of action if we don’t grant it any. She is like a snake without venom. Impressive, scary, but totally harmless. Fear is also essential, if only to help us understand ourselves better, to understand ourselves better. We must not eliminate it – which is, moreover, impossible – but learn to live with it and conceive of it as a companion, almost a friend. The one that would show us our weaknesses, and also help us see our strengths.

Once our fears are overcome, we become stronger. We have more confidence in ourselves and we are better able to overcome others.

The fear is in us

We create our fear. It lies deep within us, in our unconscious most of the time. It is the fact of bringing it into our consciousness that will allow us to conceive of it as something positive.

Unconsciously, we keep a lot of things hidden. Which, put end to end, constitute the being that we are.

I have gained nothing with meditation. But I lost the anxiety, the fear of death, the fear of failure, the anger, the anxiety.


These losses are achievable thanks to a meditative state, which offers us within our life always very lively and fast, a moment of pose. Of relaxation. Of serene reflection. Just a few minutes daily of this meditative state and we will gain peace of mind, self-understanding and harmony.

This gift will help counterbalance the fear we feel and live situations more calmly. This way, we will be better able to manage them.

We will no longer react, we will act.