How to get a good start to engagement!

Meet, seduce, but above all build! It’s been in our minds from an early age that the goal of a lifetime is to find love and then keep it. But now what seemed obvious to us being younger, gets more complicated over time …

There is never any assurance that a love story will last forever, but avoiding the pitfalls of the beginning of a story is a plus in order to face the future with serenity. Taking a good start towards commitment will therefore have a beneficial effect and it is for this reason that we are going to pass on the keys to you, so that from the beginning everything is perfect.

Get to know yourself!

Before starting a relationship in order to make a lasting commitment, you must first know yourself and define what you appreciate, what you really want, what you are capable of. to endure, and what absolutely does not suit us!

We must also take stock of what we are likely to bring to others so as not to engage with a person that we would end up disappointing in the long run …

We should not seek at all costs the inaccessible and set the bar too high, just as it is very harmful to devalue yourself and think that you do not deserve better!

You have to find the right balance between what you idealize and what is concretely possible to achieve … And the first step towards a lasting and stable relationship is to be at a given moment in your life when you feel good all alone too so as not to cling to the other like a lifeline.

It is in this way, that is to say by seeking to know more about oneself and therefore to target one’s needs that one will succeed in knowing precisely what one is looking for in a relationship and what is going on. ‘we absolutely want to avoid it. This aspect is essential to get a good start towards commitment because it allows you to better frame your choices.

Learn to discover each other little by little

Emotions are boiling. The other attracts us. But can this relationship be lasting? Should we engage or reverse ?

There are key elements to observe very quickly, even if we are sure that the small defects noticed are not serious. Over time, these quirks that we could find cute can end up poisoning everyday life .

To discover the other, the first thing is not to skew the deal by indicating what annoys you, otherwise masks can be worn to seduce you. But it will only last a while …

Observe his behavior with his friends and family, and tell yourself that once the passion of the beginnings is over, he or she will most likely behave this way with you! If his or her attitudes towards others are okay with you, then he or she has already scored a good point. If, on the contrary, you see him / her, for example, regularly lying to others, or even disrespecting those around him, tell yourself that one day or another you risk having the same treatment …

Also take the time to discover his family and friendly universe, because these people will also be part of your life, and in addition, they can give you indications on the person you are dating, ” tell me who you hang out with and I’ll let you know. say who you are ! “.

Have common goals to get a good start towards engagement

Finally, make sure that your partner has the same goals and expectations as you do when it comes to married life. You should know that too big differences between the desires of one and those of the other can in the end create an insurmountable gap between the partners, even if the feelings are very strong.

If it is possible to modify oneself for a while to meet the requirements of the other, in time, our nature catches up with us, to remain oneself and to be in a couple which leaves each one room to exist, is what ‘there is something better… This means that you have to both invest in the well-being of the couple but also have your own little secret garden so as not to be on top of each other all the time. The emotional dependence often occurring for this reason.

Ask yourself the right questions and make sure you have all the answers before making a lasting commitment, without being too demanding of the other, do not ask them to bring you what you are not able to give yourself! Also show indulgence on points which are not essential and this, especially if you see that your partner has the faculty to question himself and to evolve / move, nobody is perfect and being in couple often makes “grow up”. “ !