How to get into the female mind? 5 psychological techniques

Woman is a 7-headed bug? Can’t you understand them? Is it really that difficult to get into the female mind? Trust me, it’s difficult, but not impossible.

Fortunately, you can count on the similarity that exists in the collective unconscious. For this reason, even if you can’t fully understand a woman’s head, you can know part of her and use that to her advantage.

That way, it’s time to understand how part of their subconscious works and with that, make her not stop thinking about you.

Archetypes in the Collective Unconscious

As a basis of knowledge for this article, we analyzed the archetypes, which are nothing more than existing standard representations in human behavior.

According to Carl G. Jung, these manifestations are an inheritance from our ancestors and are present in our subconscious. Thus, it is not difficult to find these characteristics in the people we know, in ourselves and, consequently, in them.

That is, if we share this cultural heritage so strongly in the most intimate part of our minds, we can work on such concepts in order to enter the female mind.

1. The Persona archetype to get into a woman’s mind

Persona matches the way we present ourselves to society. What we become by being in the presence of other people. And yes, we need to work on our persona at the time of seduction.

Women seek men who convey confidence, security and power. You can demonstrate these traits through your posture, the clothes you wear, by taking care of yourself.

Demonstrate the persona she desires by having the courage to approach her, looking into her eyes without being intimidated, being there body and soul in addition to demonstrating that you want her.

Women are perceptive, so you don’t need to argue and assert your value to her, demonstrate it through attitudes, that’s enough, and she will definitely understand by simply batting an eye at you.

2. Take a Selfie of Your Subconscious Mind

The Self archetype corresponds to our personal understanding, self-knowledge and this goes against the confidence we need to gain when approaching a woman.

Feeling safe is not an easy task, even more so if you built it on foundations that are not solid at all. To take care of yourself, you need to appreciate yourself. And to like yourself, you need to understand yourself intimately.

Really knowing what you want and what you don’t want, what your strengths and weaknesses are. What you don’t like and what you can change, what you can’t change but you can adapt. With that, you know you don’t have to be afraid to get the woman you want.

3. The Sobra as an archetype to not leave the female mind

Have you ever wondered why women prefer bad boys and boobs? This is due to the following fact: perfection scares. A woman wants to be important in the life of someone she cares about, so how could she help someone who is already doing just fine on her own?

The romantic vision that someone could love her so much that he would change himself to stay with her is exciting. And what explains the fascination with trouble is the simplest and purest emotion.

While men are visual, women are addicted to feeling different emotions, that’s where the danger lies, because they don’t necessarily need to be positive.

In other words, you don’t need to change anything about your personality to enter the female mind, quite the contrary, be yourself. Of course, with greater communication, you can have different opinions on one subject or another.

If you really believe that, don’t give in so easily or change yourself to the point of fitting into the little box she created for you. Work on your own personality and stand up for yourself.

Have your own life, demonstrate that you can also survive without it, that you are not dependent. Cherish your family and friends. Could it result in some misunderstandings? Yes, but even mad, she’ll think of you.

4. Anima, the female part of a man’s mind

However, don’t push her away from you permanently. In specific moments, demonstrate how you feel about her. Opening up their feelings seems to be more common and easier for them, but believe me, this attitude is of great value to women. Trusting her to the point where you feel comfortable demonstrating her innermost being is powerful.

In the moments you dedicate to her, give full focus to the woman. Make that moment special, unforgettable. In the hours you are together, she is the only one who exists for you.

In the moments reserved for yourself and to go out with friends or personal programs, in the same way, give greater focus to what you are experiencing in the present. In this way, she will think of you, she will want you to meet again, to repeat the dose and feel like the most important woman in the world once again.

5. Animus, the male part of a woman’s mind

Likewise, women today are increasingly seeking to live in places where, for the most part, men lived. In other words, achieving gender equality in society.

Here it’s not up to you to be for or against, it’s not up to you and it’s not your business. What is up to us is respect. That is, don’t judge or belittle her just because she’s a woman, or feel offended if she achieves something you haven’t achieved.

Understand that she also seeks her independence, just like you. For this relationship to work, regardless if it’s just one night or something that lasts longer, both parties need to understand and respect each other. Neither party needs to subjugate the other, no one needs to depend on anyone else. The thing here is partnership.

A brief summary and reiteration

  1. Persona to get her attention from the moment she first looks at you;
  2. Self to conquer confidence in yourself and with that, conquer it;
  3. Shadow to generate emotion;
  4. Animate as a way for her to wish for moments with you;
  5. Animus to differentiate yourself from the vast majority and earn points with it.

Time to get down to business, first in your mind, and then into the female mind.