How to manage your emotions and your love addiction?

From my professional experience resulting from thousands of hours of coaching but also publication of books and creation of audiobooks, I was able to highlight a main need among all people who suffered from love addiction. As you can see, I am talking about strong suffering here, because I know how hard you have to put up with your emotions and how much you would like this situation to change.

And yet, you feel like you have a supernatural strength that keeps you from feeling good as soon as you are separated from the person you love, even if they are a few hundred yards away. Very often you are aware of your attitude but you are missing the essential, namely the solutions to control your internal emotions.

To illustrate this phenomenon, I will use the phrase of a coachee “my wife is my drug”. You feel like you have a terrible craving that is absolutely out of control and my job is to offer you a plan that you are going to have to implement quickly and over several weeks if you want to see results.

You don’t have to hope that you can beat a love addiction just by reading an article, you have to take action. So to know and master each of these steps.

The strength of character to overcome addiction!

To all the people who say to themselves that it is really not easy to struggle when you are emotionally dependent, I will answer that you are completely right but that it is also true that many people before you have already managed to get out of it. that kind of situation.

The big difference is in your strength of character. Will you be able to make an effort today to make you feel better tomorrow? Do you really want to get out of this dead end that is making you unhappy or unhappy? Are you ready to fight for your Love?

It is not given to everyone to control their emotions but each good action inevitably brings results over time and you will need a certain strength of character in order to become the ideal partner again!

Have a long-term vision of Love

I take pleasure in writing this article because I want to help you as best as possible in your desire for change, by explaining to you that with a long-term vision of the couple you will be able to make things change. This, in order to bring maximum happiness in your relationship but also so that you never again feel these negative emotions take over.

If you want to control your emotions, overcome your fears, avoid suffering, gain self-confidence … Then you will have to implement a long-term strategy with the firm conviction of wanting to find inner peace and bring maximum happiness to your spouse.

All the people I have coached can attest to one thing, if you apply the right actions over time, you will reap stronger and stronger results and you can convince your other half that you are on the right track. From then on you will find that he / she too is moving in the right direction and will take a step towards you. I assimilate this phase of change to a diet … It’s up to you to stay focused and show a real desire to get out of it.

Don’t be fooled by TV shows where it only takes a few minutes with a love coach for everything to change . We want to show you an immediate change but it’s not that simple, moreover we never show the evolution of the relationship. If you think you can get away with a quick fix and in the short term, then you might be disillusioned.

The power of the human brain over emotions!

To take control of your emotions , I invite you to do an exercise every morning. When you wake up, I recommend that you take a sheet that you will divide into three columns. On the one on the left, I’m going to ask you to draw a little smiley (a guy who smiles) and force yourself to smile at the same time.

Throughout your day I want you to think about this drawing and find your best smile. You will thus send a strong signal to your brain to tell it “I have a new state of mind, now I am enjoying life to the fullest”.

On the middle column, I’m going to ask you to write down a positive self-motivating phrase. Take for example “I am awesome” or “I am a beautiful person” and I ask you to repeat this phrase to yourself at least 5 times during your day, closing your eyes and making a good fist. Thanks to this exercise you will find that you can quickly regain self-confidence. Certainly this does not seem like much, but in general after ten days the results are significant.

Finally, in the third column, I invite you to set yourself a mission or a challenge to have a great day. Try as much as possible to get out of your comfort zone, to surpass yourself and always perform an action that gives you real well-being.

By carrying out this exercise, which seems very simple, I can guarantee you that you will put aside your addiction to offer yourself a positive daily life! You are awesome but you don’t know it yet so no need to live through your man or your wife .