How to recognize a manipulator

It is well known, a manipulator enjoys the suffering of his victim who is often his companion.

Perverse narcissistic manipulators have often been what we call child tyrants.

They seek to destroy the other by dominating him and then experience a great pleasure of satisfaction.

A narcissistic Perverse manipulator will identify his victim in relation to his potential addiction.

He will see in her her uprooting, her childhood wounds, her weaknesses and he will show himself in her eyes as being the one who will solve all her sufferings.

A manipulator advances step by step, which is why it is very difficult to notice it quickly, if ever.

A manipulator at the beginning of the relationship will give a lot, get involved, show affection and tenderness, you will have the impression of meeting your twin flame, your soul mate, then he will become cold and distant.

They are very often people with a strong charisma and erudite.

Thus, he will work on your emotional dependence, disconcert you, make you doubt yourself.

He will be able to attach you to him mentally, making you feel guilty, making you regret all those wonderful moments spent together.

In addition, he will put forward that he really has no need for you, for your relationship.

“Before our meeting I lived alone, I can manage, the future does not scare me! »

You will also be able to recognize a perverse narcissistic manipulator by his narcissism and the feeling he gives to all those around him, family, children, friends that they are nothing without him.

Often, they have a lot of charisma, they have positions of responsibility, are highly appreciated in society for their humor, their kindness, their general culture.

Yes !! The Manipulator is an excellent liar, to perfect his credibility he will adapt his version according to the people or the situations.

This also aims to destabilize his victim who will no longer know what to think.

The narcissistic perverse manipulator will never question himself and will make you feel and understand that it is you who are manipulating him, he is your victim!!

And often it works because he knows you are a fragile and sensitive person

He will also be able to put you in doubt about your relationships, family, friends, colleagues, even children.

You will gradually be distanced from these people whom you will trust less and less, convinced that what he tells you is true with supporting evidence!!

Manipulators are very good at creating evidence and spreading rumors.

Many even make their prey quit their jobs in this way.

Once isolated, you will be even more dependent on him, and he will thus satisfy his needs by depriving you of your freedom.

You will often have to do things alone, he will not accompany you, always with excellent reasons, which again will make you doubt yourself.

He will lead you to wonder but how can I ask him such things, why I doubt him, his feelings and there again he experiences a joy of victory over his victim.

The Perverse Narcissistic Manipulator is bad faith at its finest.

Sometimes, fortunately, the partner, because not all narcissistic perverts are men, manage to see clearly in their game and expose them, but even there we have to help them because the emotional dependence is very strong.

You will then have the right to a virulent or even physically aggressive reaction which will lead him to “leave” while making you feel guilty.

And yes, he will be the victim, you dare to abandon him like this after all he has done for you!!!

But all this is of course completely false!!

The manipulator in his perversity, once he is certain to have you in his nets, will play his favorite perverse games, such as judging you to belittle yourself or make you doubt your sanity.

And if you try to point out to him you will have small sentences of the style:

  • “But you always take everything seriously”
  • “For you as soon as I speak it’s in the 1st degree”
  • “But I’m kidding!! »
  • “You see I can’t tell you anything, you always take it all wrong”

At times, he will give you the impression of being interested in you, in your worries of the moment, but in fact he is not!

He does not listen to you out of compassion or to help you No!!

He is very attentive in fact to what you say to identify your flaws, understand what affects you, the points he can touch at the right time so that it hurts a lot, because all of this will be useful to him later, at the right time. to use it against you.

As a general rule, if you date a manipulator, the worst being the narcissistic perverts, you will end up getting sick, not to mention week after week you will be drained of your energy and zest for life.

Being constantly in a state of stress, anguish, anxiety, insomnia, your body ends up reacting to put you on alert, it’s sad but many women who come to consult me ​​have realized this fact too late. after detecting cancer of the breast or ovaries or uterus.